New DiRT Footage

New Colin McRae: DiRT footage showing four different race modes, racetracks and different race cars.

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kingofps34216d ago

The New Colin McRae: DiRT is looking pretty ingame. I think this is gonna be bigger than maybe even MOTORSTORM. Hate the fact that the game is delayed on the PS3. Anyways, atleast it will get the extra push towards perfection in the PS3 version.

Kyur4ThePain4216d ago

Nothing special. But I keep having flashbacks to TOCA...even listening to the engines and the shifting.

HungPHAT4216d ago

LOOKS awesome I already have it preordered on the 360 , in the mean time i'll still play Motorstrom

power of Green 4216d ago

You mean; it will get the extra push to get it on par with its 360 brethren.

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