Man vs. Eternally Broken Xbox 360: A Novel

Consumerist: Being a jaded Xbox 360 owner who's watched his console give up the ghost five times, it takes a lot for a tale of Microsoft customer service woe to cause a reaction. And yet a reader named Gower accomplished just that by sending a novel-length soliloquy about his maddening run through Xbox 360 hell.

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Saaking3152d ago

The 360 fails so hard seriously. Bots you just can't get enough of it. Once my 360 fails I won't get another one until I'm assured a 99% reliability rate like that of the PS3. Heck, if it weren't for the few good games I wouldn't even have bought one.

Snake Raiser3152d ago

I think the 360 would have been an amazing console if it weren't for reliability. Which, for me, is a big deal. And MS support doing crud like this when you annoy them doesn't help.
"I got the Xbox delivered to me the next day, however I was quite shocked to find the console was damaged! The USB door was missing from the console and the front of the console was covered in deep scratches like someone had dropped it on the ground several times, and there was the sound of something broken and rattling around inside the console. The box it shipped in had no dents or signs of damage, and there was no sign of the missing usb door in the box so it must have been damaged by the repair center."

pure pwnage243152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

Amazing if you like a a piece of sh!t with no games and exclusives and a Disney character who jumps 10 feet in the air and a company that charges 50$ for less than stellar support

in my book it'd still be a piece of sh!t

morganfell3152d ago

I can't agree. I have had a 360 since launch - had quite a few - and it isn't just reliability. It is the use of proprietary HDD. It is several other factors that lessen the console as well including the lack of a next gen BUILT IN disk format. That alone cost HD DVD the title.

The Matrix3152d ago

People are stupid about the rrod. Give you console plenty of space, plug it into a good outlet, install every game you play, keep your "power brick" off of the ground and you should never have the rrod. It's the people who neglect their 360s that get it. I've had my 360 for a year and played it as much as anyone and no rrod or any signs of slowing down.

pure pwnage243152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

a round of applause for the failbox 360!!! the highest failure rate in electronics in history!!!

a vid to watch for all!!!

morganfell3152d ago

Simple solution...GET A PS3.