GPhoria Best Overall Console 2009

From mobile handheld systems to the all-powerful home consoles, today there are many gaming system to choose from. Let's find out which gaming system was chosen the best over all console of choice by the voters on G-Phoria.

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SH3MRON3183d ago

But next year should be a good one.

kingdavid3183d ago

Fiscal year ends in july.

pure pwnage243183d ago

what kind of link for this article is this???
this is the better link

why xbox 360 won is beyond me, people blinded by RROD and no exclusive games this year and just play a disney character who jumps 10 feet in the air, and Tic tac toe Hd

Arthur_3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

Surprise Surprise, the Xbox 360.
Some of my choices were different than theirs, but overall I think they picked some good ones.

I liked the Uwe Boll Catergory :) funny stuff.

chrisnick3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

american show + xbox selling more in america x fanboys= DUH!!!!!!!!!1111!

i don't care what anyone says all i know is that since i finished gears2 (pure awesomness) i haven't even seen an exclusive of worth for it.

but to stay on topic i have a question for the xbox only owners. not to flame or troll or w/e, but in all honesty, what on exclusives have you been playing that isn't already a year old? all the bashing and fighting among the ppl on this site, and frankly im surprised no ps3 owner has yelled out " TEH BOX-X HAZ NO GAMEZ!!!..........but w/e this is america and we are a democracy, doesn't have to make sense but the ppl have spoken, xbox 360 wins again.

DonCorneo3183d ago

it`s like the mtv vma and movie awards. crap wins, like britney spears, twilight and crapbox.

here`s the real thing, though:

thereapersson3183d ago

Is this a joke?

I'm not even going to get into how buggy and controversial Fallout 3 is and has become. Maybe if they're talking about GOTY '08. How does choosing a '09 winner even possible when we're only in July?

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