WarCraft Troubles in Big China

World of WarCraft in China is being delayed from finishing its closed beta by checks within the Chinese government. It seems the censorship officials are dragging their feet.

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DeepThought3266d ago

they're really slowing down the whole process, wasting everyones time

Medievaldragon3266d ago

Gee, the guys over there have been 2 months without the service. Really hope NetEase and the government settle up all those issues.

Leord3266d ago

I'm surprised this has not killed WoW over there.

moondragon3266d ago

God,do they going to censor everything, what could be so effensive in wow i just wonder??

Leord3266d ago

I think it's sick how much power they actually have.

I mean it's really silly to get informed through the process of a video game, but it kind of opens your eyes, because it's closer to home!

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