Madden NFL 10 Achievements Cater to the Hardcore

Loot Ninja writes:

"I fired up a review copy of Madden NFL 10 for the first time today. As usual, one of my first stops was checking out the Achievement list. This year, there are 24 Achievements, most of which have a fairly high degree of difficulty. Each requires you play on the All Pro difficulty setting, which may be too much for the normal Madden player. You have to remember that Madden sells millions of copies every year to people who many would consider casual players. Most of these Achievements will go unrewarded to the majority who aren't comfortable playing on All Pro."

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fiercescuba3092d ago

It looks like Madden is taking away the easy ach such as rushinf for 100 yds. These achievements look more like accomplishments.

drunkpandas3092d ago

They definitely require more skill than previous years. However, having a nice balance of achievements that normal players can achieve as well as those for the hardcore is the way to go. It seems EA neglected the normal player in this version of Madden.

McCullster3092d ago

Ah, I see. These are more bragging rights than anything. I beat Gears of War 2 on Insane with just a water pistol! The only people getting these are those who will be staging them......

drunkpandas3092d ago

I can see a lot of people starting local 2 player games by themselves to get some of these achievements. That, or having a friend over and cheating to get them.

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