Mario as a DS Holder = Ridiculous Price

DualShockers write:

I was wandering about my local Blockbuster Video store looking for something to watch (I ended up with Watchmen actually, a movie that contains far too many blue penises) and came across a very interesting accessory.

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taz80803267d ago

This is perhaps one of the biggest rip offs I have scene.

taz80803267d ago

Whats next a Wii hammock?

Maybe a balance board platform

BROOKLYN N-M-E3267d ago

This is obviously geared towards Nintendo-obsessed collectors, who else would buy this crap.

taz80803267d ago

Perhaps a younger gamer that just doesnt know better. Or a parent looking for something for their child. Really just a ploy to take peoples money, the thing does nothing.

Gamer_Z3267d ago

its nintendo they think plastic is made from gold

Lady Gigi3267d ago

thats basicaly a dumb piece of plastic.

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