Forza Motorsport 2 Intro Video

The intro video from Forza Motorsport 2.

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Gamer134242d ago

New video here check this out but its bad quality.

IM OUT...///"""

shotty4242d ago

I didnt know they had an urban environment, do you have more videos?

omansteveo4242d ago

NICE! I'm seriously considering buying a racing wheel for this

power of Green 4242d ago

That was great when dude crashed and the spectator freaked out, nice find #1.

SmokeyMcBear4242d ago

i think he's talking about when the driver backed into the walla and crashed, and the camera when through the spectator model that was clapping.

power of Green 4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

I don't know maybe you're right and it never happend after the camera paned through the spectator in that crash about of quarter of the way through it looks like the chick had her hands striaght foward in a ditch effort to save herself, I could be seeing things. All i know is I'm sick of your ass all up on my nuts.

I dont know if its bad animation or if the figure was doing some strange arm striaght forward fist in a ball cheer but clapping was the first thing i thought of when pausing it frame by frame to make sure i knew it was not clapping anyway who cares i know you two have beef with me and thats the reason your bugging me.

I don't know if this news has been posted yet

Rock on xbox360rocks rock on.

((BladeStar)) correct they guy has made it clear he disslikes people with xbox prefference and has been chasing me around, he actually never really comments on the thread he only jumps on 360 fans after intering any 360 thread he thinks certain people are in. (STALKING)

PS360PCROCKS4242d ago

Dude what the hell is your problem he asked you a simple question that was a ridiculous remark from your part.

BIadestarX4242d ago

I think it's difficult to know when Kyur4ThePain is asking a question or trying to flame. So, when Kyur4ThePain or an xbox 360 post it's only natural for other to jump into defense mode.

FirstknighT4242d ago

The absolute best car sim ever made is almost upon us. It's going to be a legendary year for the 360! :)