Own the Steam Version of ARMA II? Prepare to Cry

ARMA II has finally been patched to version 1.3, bringing with it a ton of fixes. Unfortunately, if you own the Steam version of the game, prepare for a real groaner. It seems the patch for the store-bought version of ARMA II is only 150-megs or so, but if you patch the Steam version, you need to download a whopping 4.5-gigs of data.

Bohemia Interactive says don't blame them.

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free2game3653122d ago

no wonder that patch took so long to download

evrfighter3122d ago

oh wow would have never guessed it. I played it last night and it had already been patched. HAH I knew forgetting to turn off my pc before work would be useful eventually.

stiksinc3122d ago

My steam update downloaded for a few minutes and it was done. Worked fine for me.

TechWiz3122d ago

You got to be kidding me. 150-megs vs 4.5-gigs. I was going to down load this game. Maybe, I'll pick it up at bestbuy instead.

Vertius3122d ago

Hah. The title made me think it wasn't going to get the patch at all.

All things considered, that'd be much worse.

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