What happens when a PS3 dies

Rather reassuringly for all of us that forked out a substantial sum of moolah on a PlayStation 3, documented cases of Sony's mighty machine buying the electronic farm seem to be few and far between. But what does happen when death descends and your PS3 flat lines?

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power of Green 4249d ago

At least people mention the troubleshooting or steps to explain or visually prove whats being shown or talked about is real, its the way it sould be for every claim rather it be a real; pissed off consumer sharing a story or rabid haters trying to tarnish the rep of a company.

consolewar4249d ago

Oh i get it, flamebait material, haa ok.

kornbeaner4249d ago

okay, you confused me so from PS3 fan to POG you get "+" feedback.

SmokeyMcBear4249d ago

hmm seems interesting.. a couple of little tidbits I'd like to point out. I like how the customer service rep was surprised at the actual failure of hardware, having received calls for display problems but not actual hardware problems. Console had a 1 year warranty from the get go, and almost immediate action to replace the console with the only real wait time being the postal service responding. If wanted, the HDD could have been taken out to a place and copied in order to replace in the new console when it arrived. They even replaced the oblivion disc that stuck inside the console.. a nice little touch. The customer service, from this one persons perspective, seemed to be nice and cooperative, instead of blaming the problems of the console on the user. This is how a company should be run. Remember, there is a 3-5 percent failure rate of all electronic goods, so supposedly there is 150,000 ps3 out there that should be failing.. but we do have one account, be it a somewhat pleasant experience, seems to be ok in my book.

omansteveo4249d ago

Here we go please don't do this you guys? This site is supposed to be called NEWS FOR GAMERS..and every hour of everyday we get less and less new and more and more stupid pointless articles that get approved bc it helps this sites traffic...People should demand moderators on this site so this crap doesnt happen.

MetalProxy4249d ago

I agree with you man. People are out of control but if you say something about it Bam there goes your bubbles. I know what happens when eletronic stuff brakes down you Warrenty it. I work on cars and we get defective parts once in a while so its no suprize. Walmart has a quicker return if you buy it from them fools.

TheMART4249d ago

Is this posted by the Sony PR department themselves?

Sounds just a bit too good to be reality to me.

I still recall the PS2 debacle. Many of my friends that had PS2 drives broke down within no time. Sony said it was by their use. Wouldn't repair unless pay a lot of money. And if they repaired, it was gone for months.

ITR4249d ago

I doubt that.
I just know Nintendo has like a 3-4 day turn around time on repairs.

2 weeks is too long.

Sounds like a bad power supply.

Now I have heard of PS3 drives sticking or failing...not sure if you can troubleshoot that or not.

omansteveo4249d ago

I know your going to get flamed buy your comment just bc of your name and your history on this site, so thats why im trying to get my 2 cents in before it happens. I recall the debacle my self i went through it as did so many of my customers and still til this day. You make a valid point and your comment couldnt be anymore accurate. Electronics have issues period theres no escaping it and people who are biased are going to hold this up high and declare it god.

Raist4249d ago

Excellent denial Mart XD

The_Firestarter4249d ago

...because my PS2 NEVER broke down on me, I've had it for a few years too. My friend still has his PS2 from launch and everything still runs.

I call you on BS, because your "friends" with PS2s gone for "months" is just straight up BS.

tethered4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

***TheMART - Is this posted by the Sony PR department themselves?

Sounds just a bit too good to be reality to me.

I still recall the PS2 debacle. Many of my friends that had PS2 drives broke down within no time. Sony said it was by their use. Wouldn't repair unless pay a lot of money. And if they repaired, it was gone for months.***

I will agree with TheMART on the fact of the PS2 having problems when it was first released. I had one that had problems. I don't know about the repair time he states tho because I never sent mine out to get fixed.

However, I Just recently I had a problem with my PS3 and I called to try and get it fixed over the phone but they couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. The guy I talked to, his name was 'Waqar' really was generally surprised with the problem I was having and without even a shake in his voice he said Sony would replace my PS3 with a new one.

I am waiting on the box to send it back but I'm sure it will be here soon. He was very polite.

Here is the problem I was having:

By the way I am version2pnt0ade there.

MikeGdaGod4249d ago

because your so use to swallowing that MS bs thats why it sounds unbelievable.

this is how its suppose to be done.

sak5004248d ago

My PS2 broke 2 yrs down the road. The drive wouldnt work. So i tossed it to my friend who was a distributor for one region and took his for free. Then sold it later to buy 360.

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MySwordIsHeavenly4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )'re not used to customer service over there at Microsoft?

Oh, and by the way MART...Sony replaced PS2's WITH an extra controller. You're LYING!!

My friend's repaired PS2 was gone for 10 days...


ITR: Nintendo and Sony both get them back to you within 3-5 promised. My friend's took five days because it was only 3 weeks after launch...and the PS2 had almost as many deaths as the 360...

WilliamRLBaker4249d ago

You assume that every ones system is like you and your friends, and Make it out that no customer service provided by sony or nintendo is ever bad, When in reality only ninty has near flawless customer support, Do some research on Sony customer service issues before you post and act like sony has flawless customer service.

CaliGamer4248d ago

I see you telling someone else to research, but I see no evidence of any research on your end as to the claims you have given on Sony's customer service. Just thought I would point that out to you buddy.

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