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LivePlayStation: Rumors, Rumors, Rumors. Currently there are many rumors hitting the web such as the PS3 Price Cut and the all-but confirmed PlayStation 3 Slim. Now theres a new one. On a 360 price cut. 12 hours ago, Kotaku put up new pictures comparing the old to new boxes for the Xbox 360 Arcade. The new one didn't show the Premium console, and Kotaku claimed that the Premium model could now on its way from high street shelves, which means that the Elite Console could face a price cut and will be a huge competitior to the new PlayStation 3 Slim aswell as the ongoing talk over a PS3 Price Cut. I contacted GAME to find out if there was any truth in this...

Update 1: Gamestation UK have just taken all Xbox 360 60gb deals of of their site.

Update 2: In the last hour, Asda and HMV have claimed that their Xbox 360 60gb consoles are 'Sold Out'

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KionicWarlord2223243d ago

Is it true ? Is it coming this way ?

Lfmesquite3243d ago

I guess 360 fans are feeling left out in the cold recently with all the PS3 slim rumors.

chrisnick3243d ago

they've already had consoles at 200,300,and 400, only impressive thing to do is add something new or drop the lowest price, it's pretty clear this generation that ppl don't pay attention to VALUE, hence the "ps3 is super doomded" articles everywhere, but its been in the media like hell, which proves one (yes all of you) are waiting for the price to drop SO YOU CAN BUY ONE TOO!

KionicWarlord2223243d ago

"People dont pay attention to value "

That`s a myth .

Anyone who buys a console has there own choice at what they want to get .

it`s subjective...very subjective .

whoelse3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Imagine how bad it would be for Sony if they still don't drop the price of the PS3!

They have no choice now.

gintoki7773243d ago

microsoft is really that scared of losing ground on sony -_-

KingME3243d ago

Imaging if Microsoft discontinues the pro bundle and go with only two skus. The arcade and the elite, and then set the elite price to 299.00 where the pro use to be.

That would be huge, it would almost force Sony to cut the price of the PS3.

Sez 3243d ago

ohhhhhhh....boy. sony is in trouble even with a price drop. sony hasn't won a holiday since it was released. and we all know around christmas 360 has a habit of sell 1+ million units.

SL1M DADDY3243d ago

They're scared crapless. It's funny to watch how they are jumping just to rumors of the Sony drop. As somebody said early on, they are in need of some media attention and are grabbing at straws. With all the PS3 Slim news and PS3 price drop rumors, MS needs to get their next 15 minutes of fame by letting looses some talk about their own price drop.

Cold 20003243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

You are completely delusional.

An extract from your Bio : "Gaming is not about fanboyism although they have their place... Personally however, I feel that the video game industry could live without the over zealous idiots. lol"

Thats sound like one of them.

SL1M DADDY3243d ago

Sorry but that doesn't sound like anything out of my bio... Maybe you had your's in mind?

KingME3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

I agree with you 100%. Good point. Bubbles.

^ ^SL1M DADDY, that was pretty lame how you changed your bios after being called out. But then again, it just further supports the point cold2000 was making in the first place.

Kushan3243d ago

People DO pay attention to value, the problem is that Value is extremely subjective. For some people, the Blu-ray player is the most valuable aspect of the PS3, for others its not. It boils down to personal taste.

Cold 20003243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Wow dude u actually edited your bio ?! LOL

And you even added the lie that you've owned 5 360's ?? And that you're PS3 biased ? LOL

Just so that everyone knows the truth and that Im not a liar: in his original bio that was nothing like that and he was saying how unbiaised he was, that he disliked fanboys and that he enjoyed both consoles equally. Not at all what he has in his current bio.

cmrbe3243d ago

To people and the industry the x360 is already at mass market price at $199. MS have already touted this since they drop the price of the x360 last year.

Why has no one asked MS for a x360 price drop since then?

Why are there not any x360 slim rumors and price cut rumors 24/7 like Sony's PS3?.

The x360 is already affordable. The PS3 is not. This is what i have been saying since last year. Once a console is affordable. It won't matter much to consumers weather they drop the price further by 30,40 or 50 bucks. What these consumers would focus on instead is value as price point is not that big of a deal to them anymore.

Put it this way.

x360 at 199 vs PS3 at 399.
1. The x360 is affordable but not the PS3. This immidiately shuts out the PS3 to mass consumers despite more features and more stable hardware.
3. $200 price difference.

x360 at 150 and PS3 at 299
1. Both now afforable.
2. $150 price difference.
3. PS3 has more features and more reliable.

Dropping from 199 to 149 is not a big deal to consumers as 199 is already affordable to them. However dropping from $399 to $299 is a big deal as they won't have to fork out $399 instead only $299. $299 is an affordable price to consumers imo.

Sony sold the most consoles when they dropped the price to 199 compare to when they dropped the price to 129 or 99 like the PS2 right now. As i said. Once a console is cheap it will not matter much to consumers how much more they drop the price at. Dropping the price from an unaffordable price point to an affordable one is a very different story.

FamilyGuy3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Well I DO pay attention to value but I was also determined to get a PS3 no matter what and never really cared about the 360. For some money/value isn't the real issue. I loved the PS2 so much that the PS3 seemed like the next logical step and I've been more than happy with my purchase so far.

Imagine this (as it's something i've seen happen quite often)
Your parents bought you a 360 but it's no where near a router and they aren't willing to buy a wireless 360 adapter. M$ online fee is $50 a year but is it worth playing when the only time you'll get to play online is when you drag you 360 to whatever room the pc is in?

I know three people that regret getting 360 because of that senario but then i also know like 6 people that are completely happy with their 360s

Subjective is the PERFECT word.


what about the Gamecube?
You should add that as it still seemed to "fail" even though it was $99 new just a couple years after release (when i bought mine anyways)
The $99 price point didn't cause waves of mass sales that one would assume. And the Gamecube had some good games too.
Zelda windwaker
Zelda Twilight Princess
Tales of Symphonia
Mario Sunshine
Mari Kart Double Dash
Super Smash Bros Melee
Metroid Prime 1&2
Final Fantsy Crystal Chronicles (was alright)
Soul Calibur 2 with Link
and so on

So I agree, once you've reached an affordable consumer price LOWERING that already acceptable price really doesn't do much.

cmrbe3243d ago

Once price is not much of an issue customers will look at value. Unfortunatley for Nin last gen, consumers didn't see the value even when it was $99.

Consumers are not stupid. Once they see something really cheap compare to another they will question why the other is really cheap but not the other. Here they will then pay much more attention to value especially if the other console is affordable to them as well.

MS will soon find themselves in a tight spot. Price wise they don't have much room to manuver. All their top games/franchise have been released. I firmly believe this is why MS is going to reposition the x360 next year with Natal to go after the wii casual fanbase. Its the only way they can grow their marketshare. Weather it will work it remains to be seen. I doubt it will be of much success to them. Dispite all their marketing the xbox brand has mainly only found sucess in western market. They haven't found universal succss like the PS brand or the wii has achieve this gen sofar.

Sony as usual is pacing themselves for at least 10 years with the goal of selling at least 10 million consoles a year for a total of at least 100 million when all is said and done. People must remeber that the PS3 is only going up to its 3rd year this year and yet its still $100 more than the PS2 launch price. This gives Sony alot more room to manuver for price drops for the next 7 years. With standard HD, Wifi, Blu-ray and HDMI. The PS3 is in great shape for the next 7 years well into the HD era.

As i said many times. x360 is more or less is at its peak with its price point and game selection. There are no more major xbox franchise to come out to move more console like Gears, Froza2, Fable 2, Halo3, NG2 did when they came out. Historically the second release of a franchise won't move much consoles as those that bought the first bought a console for it. It was no different for MGS2 comapre to MGS3 and GT3 to GT4 or FF10 to FF11 and 12.

This is why i said that the PS3 is still far from its peak as its still at 399 and with only a few of its big games making thier debut on the PS3 sofar like MGS,RC,SOCOM and Sing Star. Once the PS3 is at 199 in perhaps another 3 years with all its major franchise out then we will really see what the PS brand is capable of at its peak.

raztad3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )


The xbox "seems"/looks affordable but is not. I've been pondering to get one but the Arcade unit is totally crippled, is just the bare DVD and the controller. No HDD, no wi-fi. What make things worse is the lack of standards. xbox HDD is not a standard 2.5 HDD, like PS3's, is an overpriced MS only sh*t. No wi-fi is shameful. So if you need something decent, the Pro model (300$) is the minimum. Of course, many people doesnt know what they are buying (like Halo Wars) and then its too late.

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-MD-3243d ago

So a $299.99 elite? That's awesome.

KionicWarlord2223243d ago

Hopefully it`s true and a bundle comes with it .

ps3d03243d ago

god I hope so I really need to get a bigger HDD for my 360 and getting a black 360 with a 120gb hdd would make it all the better

36T3243d ago

Bundle Forza 3 with it!! $350 sounds about right. :D

Saaking3243d ago

Xbox 360 is doomed either way 299 PS3 is greater than 299 Xbox 360. Price will no longer be a factor and people will naturally go for the console with more features and exclusives (PS3 in case you didn't know).

feejo3243d ago

People are not that wise, look how many people have xbox/wii.

Man_of_the_year3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

"Price will no longer be a factor and people will naturally go for the console with more features and exclusives (PS3 in case you didn't know)."

It would appear that it is you who doesn't know. You might wanna check your sources.

In the COMPLETE library of the 360, there are more exclusives than on the PS3. FACT.

@feejo "People are not that wise, look how many people have xbox/wii."

Looks like people who are seen associating and agreeing with Saaking are also not that wise. Maybe instead of listening to people that say BS and no proof, you could research it yourself and save yourself the embarrassment.

Darrius Cole3243d ago

Price will always be a factor unless all of the options are essentially equal in price.

However, I don't think that a $299 Elite can compete evenly with a $299 PS3. The PS3 has too many extra uses and the 360 has a reputation being a bad quality machine. Therefore, the 360 must cheaper in order to sell the same amount of units.

I do want to point out though, that both Sony and Microsoft want to make profit more than they want to sell more units than their competitor.

No_NaMe3243d ago

Oh then people will go Xbox 360...

Zune >>> Blu Ray
NetFlix >> Blu Ray
Last FM >>> Blu Ray

KionicWarlord2223243d ago

Take it easy big guy .

Now remove the tape recorder from your mouth .

Xwow20083243d ago

(Now remove the tape recorder from your mouth)lol
btw NO-name what are u smoking these days.:)

Tinted Eyes3243d ago

pandora on ps3 web browser>>>>>> ; for gold users anyway)

madpuppy3243d ago

Frankly, I'll take blu-ray over fake Hi-Def any day. streaming or downloadable content like movies or full triple A games are a scam and a waste of money. prove me otherwise if you can.

Saaking3243d ago

Epic fail by this bot. He just made himself look like a little kid. It's a FACT that the PS3 has more features than the Xbox 360 and it's also a FACT that Blu-ray is the only way to truly get the best quality. The Zune failed, hard and like I said Blu-ray is superior to HD streaming.

LuHawk23243d ago

its also fact that your a straight up b!tch

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Sangria3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

With a 250$ Wii, a 300$ PS3 and a 300$ Xbox 360, the fight will finally be interesting.
Imagine this Christmas: Wii with a New Super Mario Bros bundle, Xbox 360 with a Halo ODST bundle and PS3 with a Gran Turismo 5 bundle. All three console selling like pancakes with a large amount of great games, past and future.

2009 may be a great year in the gaming history.

Troll-Killer3243d ago

..I think you mean a $200 360. ;)

Just like with the Wii, there are hundreds of great games that you can play on the 360, and a HDD isn't necessary.

BTW, I fully expect Nintendo to finally drop the Wii to $199.99, at least by the holidays.