Six Days In Fallujah Still In Development

Atomic Games, The Six Days in Fallujah developer has been forced to reduce the size of its studio due to lack of funding and poor games sales. The good news is that the controversial game does appear to be still in development.

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jay23147d ago

Good, if you don't want this game, just don't pay for it.

Automat3147d ago

i'm getting this game to show my support of them being 'controverisal'...
hope it gets released, and that it is good... :)

matt19913147d ago

i really don't see why it is controversial. its like a WW1,2 that is based on real events that happened like a million years ago( You get my point ). Just because this is based on real event that happen a couple of years ago i don't see why people make such a big deal about it.

killa_sam3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

This should be treated no different then COD WAW, Socom Confrontation or any other type of army game which immerses the player in a war environment. The others have no controversy why now. It will only educate players on what happened. I bet half the world wouldn't even know what Fallujah is until the games comes out. I hope this game comes out. Looks awesome.