IL-2 Sturmovik Multiplayer Detailed With Trailer

The multiplayer aspect of the upcoming flight combat title IL-2 Sturmovik from 1C company and 505 games has been detailed in a recent press release and as well as the 50 missions from the single player campaign players will be able to pit their wits against each other in the skies over Europe when the game release on September 4th.

There are four multiplayer modes in total and we have detailed them for you here:

Dogfight - Players battle it out in the wide blue yonder and look for cloud cover to hide in this free for all deathmatch style game, points are gained for downing your opposing players and the winner will be the pilot who reaches the points goal first.

Team Dogfight - Played out in teams with the same rules as Dogfight, squadron vs squadron

Strike - A team game were points are awarded for destroying the enemy ground targets, aerial targets are also awarded points but at a lower score. The winning team will be the one with the most points when the time runs out or reaches the score target first. So whether your flying a bomber with a massive payload to destroy the ground targets or a World War 2 ace flying in support and fending of the attacking aircraft its definitely team work that will win the day.

Capture the Airfield - Another team game but one that it is sure to bring out the best in any budding fighter pilot, teams have to control as many of the airfields on the map as possible by landing on them and capturing them. The more airfields you control the quicker the opposing teams tickets are whittled away and the victor will be the team with the most tickets left at the end of the game or when one team has no tickets left. Don't sit around though as stationary aircraft make excellent targets so you'll have to take to the skies to defend your airfield and push the advancing fighters back.

Anyway check out the multiplayer trailer and watch out over the skies of Europe on September 4th

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