The top five gameplay innovations to look forward to this year

So, do you want to see which five upcoming titles will change the face of video gaming? Of course you do.

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Bigmac5734241d ago

If thats not innovation, idk what is. Retarded lists ftw.

fenderputty4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

Eye of Judgement is pretty damn innovative. So is Little Big Planet. Although it's not the first game to deliver user created content, it's the first one do to so with such ease and with so much possibility. The internet also comes into play with LBP.

The list isn't that bad though. It should just include a couple more games.

WTF is with Bioshock? That's games awsome but, it's hardly something innovative.

consolewar4241d ago

in the other hand
Little lame planet, meh
spore, yes
mass efect , maybe the tree-dialogues maybe
bioshock, meh
home, meh

EZCheez4241d ago

I figured someone else would mention EOJ. You can't really make a believable list of innovative games without it. I don't care if it turns out to be crap (I don't think that will happen), it's still innovative.

Also, the Mass Effect dialogue sounds cool, but also sounds really complicated. Still, this is one game that I would get a 360 for.

And Bioshock???

ItsDubC4241d ago

That list got me more excited about Assassin's Creed, but a lot LESS excited about Mass Effect. Virtual conversation just doesn't sound intriguing to me. Can't wait to see Spore too.

MySwordIsHeavenly4241d ago

-Eye of Judgement
-possibly the wii-mote not sucking
-any football game that's not madden

Seriously...Bioshock? Mass Effect? Spore?

Bioshock - not innovative...just freakin' sweet
Mass Effect - that's not innovative...i do that with skype on half-life...
Spore - it's Sims on a larger scale...what's innovative about that?

Yeah, Assassins Creed is gonna be awesome...but more innovative than HOME??? Seriously though...the wii-mote is still a gimmick to most of us. I'm pretty sure they released it with the wrong technology...cuz I have yet to see real-time motion on it.

ItsDubC4241d ago

Isn't Home similar to Second Life? That would make it not innovative.

techie4241d ago

Oh stop complaining. They are all innovative. But the game that's going to change the way we see animation in games is Uncharted.

fenderputty4241d ago

Every game up there is innovative, I just think they could have added to the list.

EZCheez4241d ago

I totally forgot about that one.

Average Gamer4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

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EZCheez4241d ago

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