50+ new hi-res shots from Forza Motorsport 3

This new gallery update brings 50+ new hi-res shots from Forza Motorsport 3, or actually some 80 ingame screenshots in total, but a small amount of these have actually been published already, but were evilly intertwined in today's super batch released by Microsoft and Turn 10.

Images include brand new screens from the inclusion of Eurosport cars, SUVs, sportscars, pre-order bonus cars as well as the Super GT class.

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Nelson M3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Screen Shots
I've looked but cant find em

KionicWarlord2223268d ago

This is forza 2 pics the real forza 3 pics come later....


rareairtone3268d ago

you can't read the language, but when you click on the picture, the third button from the left makes them HELLA big

Bereaver3268d ago

I hate to say it again.... (i didn't say it on N4G yet so stop checking my posts) but..... from the first time I seen Forza, it just doesn't look real to me. Kinda like a anime with 3d animation inside(appleseed). You can easily tell the difference.

Forza will not live up to the hype. It will be fun, and it will have good things. But it's off set by all the hype by turn10. I mean.... it is the... "definitive racing game of this gen" or... is it?

Can they even say it's the "definitive racing game of the year"? Who knows what else might come out....... later... this year.....

el zorro3267d ago

It looks damn good to me. I don't know what you are looking at.

TK4213267d ago

When I see a game play video that looks good then I'll believe. But every game play video posted online looks like Forza 2. They can clean up the pics all they want.

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Pandamobile3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

The cars look great. Like, really, really great. But the backgrounds are kind of ugly.

mxdan3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Maybe it takes all the processing power to render the cars :P.

Regardless, I never know whether or not to trust microsoft. They're the type of company willing to release non ingame screens to create publicity. They won't call the screens gameplay but if someone figures out that they aren't then they will pull the 'we never said they were' card.

Dlacy13g3268d ago

I am sorry, you must mean Sony not Microsoft. Sony is the only company that has been caught trying to pass off CGI as in game, aka Killzone 2. (and before you say it...yes Killzone looks good...but it was still Sony passing CGI off for gameplay in the beginning).

Erotic Sheep3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

lacy13g, with all the respect. But in my opinion Killzone 2 graphics have exceeded the CGI trailer from 2005 in many areas. It took Sony a while to prove it could be done, but in the end they were right.

I do know what you're trying to say but don't forget it was mostly the media hyping it since 2005, wanting to believe that footage was already ingame.

HolaTarola3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Killzone 2 look far far better than the CGI trailer of 2005..

Greywulf3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Who hasn't been able to do this:

1. Microsoft

Do I really need to wake everyone up with the lol Halo3 "screenshots" or the Gears "screenshots"? The biggest "graphical" 360 games all use bullshots, including Forza1 & Forza2. I'm willing to bet Forza3's in-game will have the same degrade Forza's have all had in the past.

Which is why there is no direct feed laps from Turn10 with the interface on the screen.

lol @

and reality

kaveti66163267d ago

No, the real game does not surpass the 05 render. You guys are acting like tools. The smoke from the explosions last longer in the render and are more volumetric than in the real game. The PS3's RAM limitations did not allow the explosions to look as real, nor for the characters textures to look as good. Killzone 2 looks good in terms of lighting, but there are too many low res textures to actually BS that it surpassed the render.

JokesOnYou3267d ago

These are old pics.

3.3 Yes there is a vid of a sony exec stating the K2 cgi target render was blame the media for everything.

3.4 No K2 looks great but it doesn't surpass the cgi shown... the textures up close could have been better, seriously its more noticeable in some areas considering how superb the overall graphics are but that's if you want to nitpick.


kaveti66163267d ago

I don't really care if the game has graphical flaws. It's a fricking game, there are going to be flaws. But the thing that really gets to me is that sony fanboys say its a visual masterpiece and nothing else can touch it, and whenever people are able to point out the visual flaws, the fanboys switch into defense mode and start saying that graphics don't matter or else deflect on to other things, such as, "Gears sucks, go play gaylo." I don't really get their psyche. Xbox fanboys are not any better.

Greywulf3267d ago

The only thing you can point out is smoke & textures? Please. The entire image of Killzone2 wins graphics awards every time its competing. Because its amazing second to none technology.

All games have visual Flaws. Take every single 360 game ever released. The problem is that there are no 360 games, flaws included, that can hang with Killzone2, or Uncharted. There are plenty of excuses why, but no retail games anyone can buy that prove otherwise.

Killzone2 isn't perfect,neither is Crysis, but it tops the target render, because its a TARGET, not a mirror. It tops it because it brought all the post processing of CGI to console games, stream loads, plays 32 online, and has amazing animation and detailed shader networks.

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danthaman153268d ago

Not the greatest in the industry, but honestly, if you think that the graphics suck then you are setting your standards a little high.

pixelsword3268d ago

...I'm just demanding, is all.

If this game wants to take the crown that GT has, then they'd better bring their 'A' game because GT5 is rumored to come out this year; and after that, I'm sure that they'll have the tech to roll-out a game every year if they wanted.

That being said, I hope the backgrounds are much crisper than that; because that's not cutting it from what I've seen in GTP.

Pistolero3268d ago

The backgrounds in GT5P don't look any what are we comparing it to? I think the whole game looks fantastic.

Dlacy13g3268d ago

If you are watching the backgrounds while you are racing then you are doing it wrong. Racing is about the cars and the handling nothing more... If they nail that down then any real race fan will be happy. Outside of that, if you are still cryin and trying to compare it to other racing games then you are just being a fanboy


You wont be able to see the ugly parts of the backgrounds when driving. These shots has been taken from the helicopter if you know what I mean.

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JOLLY13268d ago

but all those have already been posted previously.

Boody-Bandit3268d ago

I thought I have seen these before.