Circuit - ZTGD Review

Cat writes: A space age top-down shooter in the vein of Geometry Wars and Asteroids, Circuit Strike.One is a startling overachiever. You maneuver an aircraft through rooms seeking out and destroying red Shield Generators in order to expose the Data.Core at the level's center. Once made vulnerable it transforms from impermeable barrier to deadly force, so steer clear. A 30 second countdown begins, all the time you have to defend yourself and destroy the Data.Core before it's G.O. so you can advance to the next level. All this is explained in a series of instructional screens before you dive into the first level. However, it's too much information at one time and in too unreadable a font. After a few screens of squinting I figured I'd just wing it.

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PS360WII3089d ago

"After a few screens of squinting I figured I'd just wing it." lol good call ;)

I like the taunts sounds mean but funny. Might just have to check out this game!

Cat3089d ago

Seriously, bad font. Bad font!!

The taunts were eerily correct. I mean, "Id!ot" after I collide with an enemy ship? Big Brother is watching...