DualShockers Review: Resident Evil 4: Mobile Edition (iPhone)

Resident Evil 4 Mobile Edition is an iPhone game based on the original classic that first appeared on the Gamecube. Resident Evil had gone mobile before in Resident Evil Degeneration, but RE4 looks to take it to the next level. The plot unfolds with 6 years having passed since Raccoon city got ravaged and Umbrella Corporation being broken up.

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taz80803270d ago

Zombies on the go = good time

iiprotocolii3270d ago

I wasn't really expecting anything less than great for this game. The graphics look good, and the gameplay looks good. It's the formula for a fun game.

BROOKLYN N-M-E3270d ago

After this review can't wait to download this!

-Mezzo-3270d ago

it's good on this too.

akaFullMetal3270d ago

they should of done this for the psp

BROOKLYN N-M-E3270d ago

There is a PSP resident evil title on the way

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