Batman: Arkham Asylum demo on Euro PSN now

From "Just a quick post to let all you Euro PS3 owners know that the demo for Batman: Arkham Asylum is up now. A full day early.

At the time of writing, it's not yet appeared on the Xbox Live Marketplace, but we'll keep you posted.

That said, we're probably going to be too busy playing the PS3 demo. Expect a load of screenshots a bit later."

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PirateThom3238d ago

This is actually pretty good.

PirateThom3238d ago

Batman Demo is awesome. Played it three times.

I think they just sold this game to me, it mixes fast paced action with stealth elements perfectly. The combat is great, kind of simplistic, but insanely satisfying for what is basically button mashing. The stealth take down elements are really interesting, in the demo, you're in a room with 5 guys with guns and they will kill you if you try to fight them head on. You have to pick them off, one by one, and it works so well.

If they can maintain the excitement level I've got from 3 playthroughs of the demo, it should be a great game.

-Mezzo-3238d ago

I kinda liked the demo,looking forward to the game.

-Mezzo-3238d ago

BLAH,BLAH, Xbox360 version is better. i am waiting for that comment. lol