Nomura Interview: Next Kingdom Hearts Game on PSP, DS and Mobile

In a recent interview, Tetsuya Nomura let slip a few details about the next game in the Kingdom Hearts series. While details about this new project are few and should be viewed skeptically, Nomura did state that it is not Kingdom Hearts III. It is, instead, a side-story to Sora's tale.

Part of the focus of this new story, Nomura stated, will be the events that led to Mickey possessing a keyblade, and what took place in the World of Darkness. Nomura also wants to focus on developing the character of Roxas.

Concerning platform, Nomura mentioned the PlayStation Portable, the Nintendo DS, and cell phones. He also pointed out that the official announcement had not yet occurred, but that it might come in the near future.

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Loudninja4242d ago

It is a spinoff, not Kingdom Hearts 3.You makign leik Kingdom Hearts 3 is exclusive to handhelds and phones

techie4242d ago

I didn't say Kingdom Hearts 3. I said the next Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts 3 has not been announced.

Loudninja4242d ago

But greta find anyways!

techie4241d ago

:) i know what you mean though :)

Sevir044241d ago

i watched it quite a few times. to see if i could get a clue about the story. one of the things i noticed was the old guy who was kicking those keybladers asses had an outfit that looked exactly like Ansem from the first Kingdom hearts. Also the little Shotie who got Frozen and tossed down off the canyon to break and was then resued closely resembled Roxas. it was only when i say the hair as he laid there in that chicks hand did i really see that it was him. the hair and the eyes were all the same like from KH2's opening when they showed roxas.. i have even more reason to re buy my psp again. i'm a sucker for Squares good games. and KH1, FM, COM, KH2 and FM2 were all spectacular. as the details come about i'll be happy. i'll have some screens about the extend trailer to back up what i was taking about to show you what i mean in case you're confused. ^^

Sevir044241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

double post ^^

darthkojima4241d ago

that's good news to PSP owners we can see the PSP will boost in the long run especially more anticipated games to come.. Gow:PSP, FFVII:CC, KH:PSP and so on..