Pocket-Lint Review: Stone Neo notebook

PL: So overall this is an average spec netbook with average performance. It follows the tried and tested formula and merges together specifications that can be found from a number of manufacturers. We like the keyboard and we like the matte display, but we liked them last year on the MSI Wind too.

The Stone Neo doesn't push the boundaries where many others in the netbook space are, so it perhaps won't get too many people excited. The £316 price point is a little higher than some competitors like the Advent 4211c or Samsung NC10, which have similar specs in a slimmer package.

It might not be the best looking of recent netbooks, but what the Stone Neo does give you is a 3-year warranty, which let's face it, is likely to see you through the life of the device. If you are not worried about the latest and greatest and value the security of a warranty, then it might just be for you.

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