Pocket-Lint Review: Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000

Overall the Microsoft Comfort Desktop 5000 is a pretty solid package for anyone that is looking for an ergonomic keyboard, although at £47 ($79.99), it's on the expensive side for what you get.

The Wireless Mouse 5000 is available in far cheaper bundles and we'd really want a more ergonomic mouse in a package like this.

That said, once you get past the initial anxiety of the keyboard layout, it is quite comfortable to type on despite the slightly numb feedback. It doesn't take long to get used to, unlike some other ergonomic keyboards we've tried in the past and the new Windows 7 dedicated buttons are useful but by no means a life and death scenario.

If you've already signed up to Windows 7 and are in the market for a new keyboard this is one to check out.

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