Gamertell Review: The King of Fighters XII for PS3

Gamertell has posted a mixed review of Ignition's fighting game, The King of Fighters XII.

From the review:

"The game looks absolutely stunning, from the newly drawn sprites and extravagant environments. And, as long as you're not playing over the internet, the multiplayer is a lot of fun as well. The character roster is much, much smaller than we're used to, but KOF fans could see that as an opportunity to learn how to utilize every character in the game. Besides, Ignition has suggested that additional characters could be released as DLC.

Overall, I'd recommend King of Fighters XII to fighting enthusiast friends, especially if they don't play games online and just enjoy offline fights and multiplayer. If the online multiplayer is a crucial feature for you, then I'd say wait on purchasing the game for a few weeks or month, until Ignition and SNK release a permanent fix."

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