100 euro PS3 price cut listed on Spanish store

GZ: The rumoured PS3 price cut might finally become reality.

There's been a rumour that the PlayStation 3 will be receiving a price-cut for many months, with August's GamesCom in Cologne being the event many expect Sony to announce the cut.

However, rumours are not entirably reliable (naturally) and so when we can see the price cut right before our eyes, it's a warming sight.

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Milky3242d ago

gaaarr I am tired of the speculashunzz. Sony! Confirm it today or NEVAAR pleaz.

Maddens Raiders3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

..they will reveal only when it is time. Go play some WarHawk while you wait.

techie3241d ago

Hm WarHawk - haven't played that in an AGE. Good idea.

Carl14123241d ago

Wait for the 18th. Only 12 days to go.

And i just realised, I AM NOT HERE THAT WEEK :'(

Anyways, another big price cut. The evidence mounts

techie3241d ago

If you're not here, does that mean you're in Cologne? :O

Violater3241d ago

People are going to say it is still too expensive and then MS is going to drop the price of the 360 to offset any meaningful impact this price drop might have had.

techie3241d ago

All MS is doing is dropping the Elite price to the Pro price. Nothing else IMO

SL1M DADDY3241d ago

People that are still waiting to get into HD gaming with the next gen consoles are not interested int he 360. They are waiting for the PS3 to drop. If they wanted to get into HD gaming cheap, they could have bought the 360 at 199 but guess what? That did not help the 360 in sales more over a hundred thousand consoles over the PS3 who sits at twice the price point this past quarter. Nope, people are waiting for the quality console to come down in price before they "jump in" if you know what I mean. lol

cmrbe3241d ago

the issue with PS3 is that its outside of mass market price i.e it is not an affordable price to mass consumers. The PS3 atm is still 100 more than the PS2 launch price. This is why people and the whole industry are asking Sony for a PS3 price drop and not MS as the x360 is already at 199.

Once the PS3 is affordable. It will not matter what price the x360 is just like the xbox and game cube was cheaper than the PS2 last gen.

MS could lower the Arcade to 150 but it wont make much of a difference to consumers as the x360 is already affordable.

randomwiz3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

That site was selling the elite for €299, and the pro was selling for €269

EDIT: the ps3 is officially being sold for less than the 360.

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Rockstar3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

I've said that before but it looks as it might be fitting now.

DPAD Dave3241d ago

It's got to happen. It can't justifiably hold its current price point for much longer.

techie3241d ago

Nope. Time to clear the stock and bring in the Slim!

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