Analyst: Blizzard To Sell 12 Million Units Next Year

Blizzard could sell 12 million units of its PC games next year, predicts Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter, who says the delay of StarCraft II will ultimately spell a stronger 2010 for the company.

In fact, Pachter says ultimately this number could be as high as 16 million units -- spelling revenues $400-$600 million higher than this year. He also expects the profitability of WoW in China to grow.

Blizzard is the MMO market's 800-pound gorilla, and at the one-year anniversary of its merger with Activision, it's become a major cornerstone of the publisher's strategy. At the core of Activision's decision to push StarCraft II into 2010 is the company's grand plan for the re-launch of the service, with which the game's release will now coincide.

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Pennywise3092d ago

D3 and SC2... is there another WoW expansion coming?