GameZone: Natsume's Graham Markay Takes us to the Deep and Exploration-Heavy World of Afrika

"There are four different camera bodies that you'll unlock as you progress through the game, and eight different lenses. The cameras and lenses are all licensed Sony equipment, and they're every bit as meticulously modeled as the animals themselves."

GameZone: Photography is an interesting medium. In addition to those who love taking pictures so much that they made it their career, photography has a subtle way of sneaking up on people and turning them into obsessed hobbyists. It happened to me about five years ago and I've been snapping thousands of photos annually ever since. Later this year, Natsume will release a game – Afrika – that could allow us to experience our hobby in a whole other way.

"Even after you complete the final mission, the game never really ends," said Graham Markay, Vice President of Operations at Natsume (and the Project Manager for Afrika), noting the depth and longevity of the game. "You're still free to explore the environments and take photos of the animals with all of the equipment you've unlocked."

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