Console installed bases in NA and Europe

GZ: Activision Blizzard has kindly brought us video game console installed base totals for North America and Europe combined.

Following Activision Blizzard's financial reports, where the company revealed that apart from World of Warcraft, the Xbox 360 topped their revenue input, the company now brings us console installed bases.

In their 2008 report, Activision's president Mike Griffeth predicted that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 would sell 8 million units each in 2009 and 16 million units for the Nintendo Wii (North America and Europe only).

However, the company has now altered their predictions.

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Zedux3239d ago

as expected over 5 million 360s are replacements! I feel sorry for MS's share holders as some of their executives continue to burn lots of money they could had used to give us proper softwares from a software company!

Cwalat3239d ago

"Worldwide installed bases according to NPD and Gfk*

•Nintendo Wii - 40 million
•Xbox 360 - 27 million
•PlayStation 3 - 16 million
•Handhelds - 96 million"

???????? Are they kidding?

crillyconlig3239d ago

yeah, those figures are very different from what sony, nintendo and MS have stated

techie3239d ago

One's shipped and the others sold to NA and some of Europe only.

DPAD Dave3239d ago

Those figures sound fair to me. DS is dominating everything.

techie3239d ago

I think the difference between the 360 and PS3 is def off. How does the gap grow from 7.5 to 11 million? Is PS3 really that much stronger in the rest of the world? I guess it's 3 million PS3's in Japan and 1 million XBox 360's. But that's still a 9 million difference.

Lfmesquite3238d ago

The thing is they don't exclude Japan where PS3 has over 2 million more sold than 360.

As far as Activisions predictions... Well I'll just wait for the PS3 price drop and see how things go.

cmrbe3238d ago

if those number are actual numbers then this console war really hasn't started yet.

Death3238d ago

NPD is North America. Gfk is Europe. This leave quite a bit out like Asia and "other" which aren't reported. Activision does not have the same presence every where in the world which is why some territories are exluded. The numbers reported by each manufacturer are shipped to retail numbers. These should be accurate within a million or so units which account for retail stock.


GiantEnemyCrab3238d ago

"as expected over 5 million 360s are replacements"

Proof? Since it was so expected I figure you have lots of solid facts to back that up.

iamtehpwn3238d ago

complete BS in the numbers.

Poopface the 2nd3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

I understand it doesnt include japan and some other small markets, but I know taht the PSP/DS have sold more than that in europe/america.

Ohh yea, not to mention activision can suck my balls. Who will I believe, Activision or the companies who made the consoles.

50CALheadshot3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

these articles always fail with inaccurate numbers

who disagreed? these numbers r screwed

StanLee3238d ago

Is there really that big a disparity in North America and the United Kingdom between the PS3 and XBox 360?? I also find it hard to believe that the disparity between the number the console makers report shipped to retailers and the actual number of consoles sold to consumers differ that greatly.

CWMR3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

-Again, as Death already pointed out, these numbers are only for North America and most of Europe. They don't cover Asia and the other smaller regions. Based on all the data I have seen previously these numbers look roughly accurate.-

Edit -The article made the mistake of labelling it "Worldwide installed bases according to NPD and Gfk*", which is misleading people.-

krouse933238d ago

Actually It's at over 3 million sold.

techie3238d ago

CWMR - why would someone have to point it out when it's in the title!?

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Omega43239d ago

Didnt think Asia was so interested in video games, apart from Japan of course.

Why would Activison lower their PS3 predictions when they know a pricecut is coming, obviously they havnt visited N4G lately.

techie3239d ago

There's more than Asia not included. Perhaps they know something we don't.

lloyd_sr13239d ago

Lol. Why would Activision lower their forecast from 08 for the PS3 if they know a price cut is coming? Obviously, they don't know jack.

socomnick3238d ago

you assume there is a pricecut, the most logical scenario is they launch the slim and replace their fat ps3s, thereby not losing as much money on consoles sold. Cutting their quarterly losses a little.

keysy4203239d ago

is gonna start out selling ps3 nothing comming from m$ right now

techie3239d ago

dont underestimate odst

nycredude3239d ago

Deep odst is an expansion. Most likely people who will buy it already have a xbox 360 so not sure what you are expecting for it to do for the install base.

Anyways, these numbers are off. How is the intall base for the Ps3 only 16,000,000?

GiantEnemyCrab3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

"is gonna start out selling ps3 nothing comming from m$ right now "

Start? It's been doing that for some time now. If you think MS is just going to sit back and let Sony make all the moves this holiday you don't know MS very well.

-Mezzo-3238d ago

i agree they sure will not let this holiday season be a walk in the park for Sony, they sure will bring out their big guns just in face an EPIC FAIL.

JOLLY13238d ago

Are you calling sony an epic fail? Wow, you have changed sides quick.

Snake Raiser3238d ago

•Nintendo Wii - 40 million
•Xbox 360 - 27 million
•PlayStation 3 - 16 million
•Handhelds - 96 million"
Is this a bad joke?
The DS has over 100mil by itself plus about 50mil for psp.
I know this doesn't count Japan, but this still seems really low. The PS3 is also way too low. The wii is too low, but the 360 might be right.

CWMR3238d ago

-You have to think about where these consoles' strong regions are. The DS gets a huge percentage of its sales in Japan. The Wii too. The PS3 is also much stronger in Japan than the 360, while in North America it is the 360 which is much more dominant.

You don't think the PS3 has sold around 7 million more in Asia, Australia, South Africa, and the rest of Europe that wasn't counted? I think that seems completely reasonable.

Based on all the numbers we have ever seen, these numbers seem to be pretty accurate.-

Anon19743238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

16 million for the PS3 in NA and Europe. Ok, maybe. But according to Sony's sales data that leaves 6 million consoles somewhere. That's a huge chunk of installed user base to just not factor into your figures.

Who makes predictions without taking into account 1/3 of the installed consoles? I mean, maybe they aren't counting Japan, other parts of Europe, Australia, but doesn't Activision sell games in those regions too? No wonder Bobby thinks they're in trouble with the PS3 if he's not counting 1/3 of the market. Methinks someone needs to do their job better.

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