Neocrisis: Halo 3 outselling Killzone 2 *UK* writes: "Great Britain is the third largest video games market (behind the USA and Japan), and as revealed by the recent hardware sales the Xbox 360 has a strangehold of the market, even outselling the Wii and DS so far in 2009. Although the recent software sales chart shows that Nintendo still have some fight left in them, it seems Sonys massively popular shooter 'Killzone 2'is being outsold by Microsofts equally massive 'Halo 3'. The real kicker, however, is that Halo 3 is nearing it's second birthday, whereas Killzone 2 is barely six months old. Halo Wars aswell, which launched in the same time frame as Killzone 2, is also hanging in at number 40."

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KionicWarlord2223269d ago

How about we all just cut cards .

*cuts cards*

Zedux3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

this is so pathetic and fanboy stuff I'm pretty sure the article will never get approved! BTW Halo 3 is damn cheap now days!

halo 3 RRP: £19.99
killzone 2 RRP: £49.99

KionicWarlord2223269d ago


That`s why i said lets cut cards .

Syronicus3269d ago

A game you can pick up for half the price on a console with an 8 million console lead is selling better. Wow! Thank god for journalists like this that help point out the obvious. I don't know how we would have all slept tonight not knowing this stuff...

Cwalat3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

I don't approve of this article, ofcourse a cheaper game that has more marketing than Coca Cola is going to sell better than Killzone 2.

But IMO Sales doesn't equal quality of a game... And i think Killzone 2 is a muuuuuuch better game than Halo 3. Don't call me a fanboy for it.

When Killzone 3 comes out, hopefully they'll focus more on actually marketing it, instead of rapehyping the industry with it for years and seeing a minimal marketing move in TV's.

Killzone 2, great game.. but sadly enough.. not the best sales.

pwnamon3269d ago

Yes Halo 3 is outselling Kilzone2, but Killzone 2 isn't even in the top 40. And Halo Wars came out the same time and is still in the top 40, are you going to put that down to the cheapness of it aswell seeing as it's still £40?

Cold 20003269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

The 360 doesnt have a 8 million lead in the UK

And no matter the price theres no excuse for a 2 year old game outselling the PS3's biggest release this year. Moreover KZ2 is bundled with every PS3 while Halo 3 isnt bundled with every 360.

Anyways Im one of the people who prefer Halo 3 to Killzone 2.

Take away the graphics and KZ2 is kind of dull and boring.

Carl14123269d ago


I'M pretty sure that Halo Wars went out of the top 40 after not long whereas Killzone 2 stayed in there for a good few months.

IrishRepublicanArmy3269d ago

and there are a lack of other exclusives for them to buy.

Syronicus3269d ago

You make a few points but one I have to disagree with you on. Halo 3 and Killzone 2 have equally decent stories. I for one liked KZ2 and enjoyed Halo 3 a bit. What I liked more was the Killzone 2 online portion more than Halo 3's but that is just me.

Cold 20003269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

I respect yr opinion.

I havent finished Halo 3 single player nor KZ2's one.

@raztad : Ive checked yr comment history, Im not surprised you think that anyone who doesnt like KZ2 is lieing.

HL2 single player is 1000 times better than KZ2's single player in my opinion.

raztad3269d ago


KZ2 dull and boring? you couldnt be more wrong dude. That statement makes me think you never played KZ2. I hope you do eventually (if you own/plan to own a PS3). KZ2 is one of a hell game. Just helghast AI its enough to make KZ2 far better and exciting game than anything else out there. Bu bu bu the multiplayer? It's not like K2 is lacking a solid multiplayer, but SP campaign is my main corcern and it is AWESOME. A classical title like Half Life 2 is not even half exciting as playing KZ2 in hard.

Babypuncher3269d ago

@ cold:

KZ2 is not bundled with every PS3.

anh_duong3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

there are 3.9 million xbox sold in the uk

there are 2.0 million ps3 sold in the uk

halo 3 sells for around half the price of killzone 3

halo 3 age rating is 15+

killzone 2 age rating is 18

killzone is a franchise without the history of halo 3 so will not have the following and name recognition.. ie. halo 3 has an enormous attachment rate with new and old oxbox owners..

parents draw a line at 18 rating but not so much at 15+ - a bit similar to the R rating in the US for movies rental.

uk is xbox territory, ms is selling more xboxes in the uk than ninty sells wii - this is unique in all the regions in which ms does business

in other words i am not suprised that halo 3 outsales kz2.

above comments are all facts drawn from wikipedia and google shopping etc.

Blaze9293269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Maybe that's just his opinion and he HAS played Killzone 2. I think Killzone 2 is dull and boring as well, gonna say I dont own a PS3 and Killzone 2? I got the proof to show that I do.

But me personally it was fun for awhile. I got all the way up to general rank to unlock the scout badge for the sniper and once I did that I never really had a motivation to go back to Killzone 2's multiplayer. So from there I finally started the single player campaign and I don't really see how you can call it "awesome" when it was far from so. Again, different opinions though. Once I beat the SP I never went back to KZ2, in fact just sold it the other day.

Killzone 2 is a nice game don't get me wrong, but I was just very dissappointed seeing how KZ2 was the main game I was anticipating since it's E3 06 (?) trailer and one, if not the main reason, I bought the MGS4 PS3 bundle at the time.

Whereas Halo 3, I'm still playing to this day, nearly 2 years after its release and overall it's still able to pull 783,119 unique players in 24 hours.

But saying "Half Life 2 is not even half exciting as playing KZ2 in hard", I dunno guess you must REALLY like Killzone 2...i mean REALLY like it becuase KZ2 doesnt even come close to Half-Life 2's campaign.

raztad3269d ago


You spent some time reading my comment history, wow you are a dedicated bunch. Yeah, from day one I've been stating my love for KZ2. It's an awesome game. Very well done, its war perfected.


Yeah, I played HL2 and its just another run and gun shooter with some clever puzzles/physics use. I never was impressed by HL2 gameplay or really hooked by the game. KZ2 was another story, really exciting gameplay it got me from the very beginning.

Let's trance this one. Sorry Cold, I overreacted, everybody has different tastes so I guess you or Blaze just didnt like the game. It's all good.

Mr Marbles3269d ago

saying this is not news and who cares about sales, need to Shut your traps, because we all know if this story was saying Killzone 2 was outselling Halo 3 anywhere you would all be gloating and talking about how 360 will soon be overtaken by PS3, and how Killzone was the greatest thing since sliced bread, Sony FTW live beyond bla bla bla. So just stop already, everyone knows what you people are about.

DarkMantrid3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Here in sweden killzone 2 is the best selling console game in 2009. Not including wii games cuz they dont count.

edit: by consoles i actually only mean 360 and ps3.

Rainstorm813269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

But seriously...... Halo is sitting pretty at almost 10 mil units, Killzone 2 wasnt going to sell that reguardless what happened.... marketing ads whatever. So the arguement IS pointless. even if KZ2 was outselling Halo since KZ's release, people would still look at overall numbers

Besides Everyone knows X360 uses are mainly FPS lovers, just look at the top games on live every week......Halo & COD

Killzone is a great game its sad to see people trying to use SALES as a factor to determine a games greatness.

10 mil sold doesnt make Halo 3 any better or worse.

Less than 2 mil Killzone 2 copies sold doesnt make it any worse or better.

Be a Gamer or go be a Sales Analyst

@cyberwaffles below

my sentiments exactly on Halo.....bubbles

but the blood on the times online it looks like the cyborg ninja scene from MGS in the halls........ blood everywhere

cyberwaffles3269d ago

can't believe you guys like halo 3 so much. killzone 2 feels fresh to me. i understand if you guys like halo 3 alot more than killzone 2 as it's a different game but how do you call killzone 2 dull and boring but still play halo 3 a lot? that game plays exactly the same as halo 1 aside from some new weapons and gear.

i used to be a huge halo fan but the redundancy after halo 3 finally got to me. to me, that game is dull and boring, especially if you've played the series non stop since 2001. i will say that halo was one of the best experiences i've ever had in my life for an online FPS, but you get tired of it after a while.

as the for the single player, i mainly liked the gun fights and the intensity of the battle in killzone 2. the script was pretty generuic; visari is starting to seem a little over dramatic now after hearing his speeches so much; the scripted events in the game feel very tacked on, not natural at all; music score was kind of weak; voice acting made me laugh (i don't see how you guys hate rico, he cracks me up); and there were only a few parts in the story where i thought it was kind of cool like rescuing your teammates and how garza died. other than that, i wanted more from the story.

killzone 2's story is nowhere near anything of the likes of HL/HL2, bioschock/system shock, deus ex, doom 3, or other top quality FPS campaigns, but GG really nailed the gun fights. the only thing i could ask more from the game is having blood splattered on the wall like in HL2.

Hoolock3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

KZ2 is a very solid and good game but i wouldn't call it fresh or different. Id say after playing it a reasonable amount of time (finished the game 3 times 1xnormal 2xHard and played the online for close to a full day) i feel that it is very similar to playing a more weighty better looking COD. Its pretty much COD set in the future, which is no bad thing. Halo 3 is part of a trilogy and the games are expected to play the same and feel very similar. If or when I buy MW2 id expect it play like the original and not like rainbow six or Halo. Back on topic I believe a likely reason for the rise in Halo 3 sales is due to the fact that Halo Reach and ODST are soon to come out. i found that with the announcement of Gears 2 many places in the UK sold out of Gears 1. Just my theory as to why Halo is doing so well.
BTW both are great shooters and you should all go out and buy them =)

ShabzS3269d ago

i've played halo 3 man and it rocks .... i loved every second of it ...

and judging from reviews of killzone 2 ... it is rocking on the ps 3 as well ...

both great games and flagship shooters of both consoles .... respect them please

Ravage273269d ago

To me KZ2's intensity is 2nd to none, and the clan system is freaking awesome. It has sold enough to warrant a sequel, which is all i care about since the next FPS i'm getting can only be KZ3

cyberwaffles3268d ago

i get what you're saying, but i say killzone 2 is fresh because no other game plays like it imo. it has it's own unique feel that's not even similar to cod. the weight to the character, the reload animations, the gun sway, the sprinting, jumping, class system, motion control sniping, first person cover; this all feels different to most FPS's that i know. halo on the other hand maybe a great series and there certainly a level of sameness you expect in a sequel, but halo not only plays like any other halo game, but i felt like i played a lot of games almost exactly the same as halo. resistance is a good example, but that's different case.

you definitely got some playing time in killzone 2, but i didn't get bored with it as fast as you did. maybe if i play the killzone franchise after a few iterations, then i might start getting bored with it; but for now, it's a unique FPS.

KingME3268d ago

You're trying to make your story more compelling my quoting RRP at Well guess what people aren't paying RRP. The actual cost for KZ2 and Halo 3 on is:

KZ2 - £27.85 Platinum Edition £19.99
Halo 3 - £17.95

So if you're going to try to make a point please tall the whole truth.

nycredude3268d ago

Are we still arguing about this. I played both games and they are both good. However, anyone who say "IF" you take away the graphics, Killzone 2 is just boring and generic please just stfu... Fact is you "CAN'T" take away the graphics cause it's a part of the overal package!

I could say the same thing about Halo. "IF" you take away the gameplay then you have a crappy game with last gen graphics.

BTw not trying to bash here but anyone who thinks Killzone 2 is "boring" either never played it, or played it on easy, which imho is noob all the way.

cmrbe3268d ago

GT5 sells more than Halo 3?.

Kinda stupid you guys are comparing KZ2 to Halo 3 in terms of brand.

If you guys want to compare top console brand games then compare GT5 when it releases to Halo 3. I can assure you at least in UK GT5 will smoke Halo3's ass.

FamilyGuy3268d ago

Is like the 360s defining game, im more surprised that not every 360 owner has the game by now. It might as well be M$s "Wii Sports"

ultimolu3268d ago

Oh dear...Killzone 2 must be a big ass flop then.

/end sarcasm

sGIBMBR3268d ago

How can you compare a racing game to a shooter? Silly statement to make!

Poopface the 2nd3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

But please dont say halo 3 should be outselling it because of price, taht is a bad argument. By that logic MW 1 should outsell MW 2, and once MW 2 comes out, that will never happen.

EDIT-- also dont say that 360 users are FPS crazy, like the PS3 users arnt. I bet the two most played games on psn are COD and KZ2.

cmrbe3268d ago

Halo is MS highest selling franchise. Its stupid to compare its sales to KZ which is what this article is doing. To be fair if you want to compare sales of halo to a PS game then compare it to GT which is Sony top selling franchise. Believe me GT5 will walk all over Halo 3 sales and rating wise when it releases.

This article is comparing sales and not the games themselves, Get it?.

The Lazy One3268d ago

There's already a GT out, and it's got less than 1/3 the sales of halo 3 in about the same time. Halo wars has been on sale about a third of the time and has almost half the sales, and that's not even that great a game.

In fact, Gran Turismo 4 (the best selling Gran Turismo ever) only has about a couple million sales difference despite being sold on a system that's got almost 4 times the consoles in the world AND being sold at half the price (according to amazon).

cmrbe3268d ago

that is just a prolouge. GT3 eventually sold 14.9 million on the PS2 and it was release in the PS2's first year when PS2 install was around 15 million world wide.

Just because there were 100 million PS2 doesen't mean that more people would have bought GT4. It dosen't work that way. Believe me when i say that even Halo reach will not sell more than Halo 3. The first entry of a big established franchise on a console regardless of installbase normally sells the most.

PS fanbase is always more diverse. No one can dispute that.

The Lazy One3268d ago

yea... selling to 10% of a user base is way harder than selling to 30% of it...

I really can't believe you just said that.

Megan Fox3268d ago

@ The Lazy One

Don't waste your time with him, have you read his comment history?

snp3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

@ The Lazy One

Don't waste your time with him, have you read his comment history?

Meh, they're both pretty hard core.

I disagree with Cmrbe that the Playstation brand has a franchise as tied to it as Halo is to the Xbox. Playstation's strengths (1 and 2) have always been the large 'range' of high sellers. I think Halo's probably a notch above the 'ratio to consoles' GT etc., maybe just a bit behind the Mario type levels (which is itself a bit behind Wiifit).

But, i also think Lazy One is being a little deliberately dishonest/provocative with his calls on GT. Late in a consoles life the 'ownership' numbers are going to be larger, but the 'active game purchasers' are going to be smaller (that's why sales eventually atrophy; the base doesn't just disappear, but it stops buying). Were Microsoft ever to sell 100 or 200 million Xbox360's, i can assure you with the broad range of tastes that entails they'd be unlikely to get near to 40 or 50 million Halo 3 sales (or whatever the % ratio Halo 3's to consoles is back at ~28-30 million consoles moved.)

Likewise, it's obnoxious to be calling GT Prologue (already) 'a GT game' without any reference to the fact that it's demo. There's a pretty good chance a number of the people who didn't buy it failed to do so because they didn't want to pay twice - once for a third of the game, and again for the full game. The fact of GT Prologue - as what it is - selling millions when new to a smallish console base is actually pretty good proof the thing proper is going to be pretty hotly anticipated once it is released.

cmrbe3268d ago

where did i say that GT is tied to PS like Halo is to xbox?.

I said GT is Sony's highest selling franchise. This article is comparing MS highest selling franchise to KZ which is not Sony's highest selling franchise. If it was the other way around say Froza 3 sales is compared to GT5 do you guys think its fair?. No, GT and Froza are not even in the same league brand wise.

It is stupid to think that PS has a definitive game. PS brand was never built on one particular game like Mario was for Nin and Halo was for xbox. Sony was smart enough not to pigeon hole their console to a particular type of game but rather to every type of gamer including adults. PS brand brought gaming to the mainstream and it is why Sony is the only console manufacture in history to reach 100 million console sold not once but twice back to back. PS brand strength has always been its diverse game selection that caters to different gamers from different region. It is why the PS brand has able to reach 100 million consoles sold and why no PS game ever sold to more than 40% of the PS fanbase because gamers that Sony attracts to the PS are all diverse.

I don't why i need to explain this. If MS ever manages to reach the same sucess as Sony has with the PS brand in other markets outside of western countries, the x360 could in theory reach 100 million which i still doubt very much. If some how MS manages to reach this milestone. MS will find it hard to sell any Halo game to 25% or even 20% of this 100 million userbase because not everyone likes shooters. This is not rocket science. The more gamers you attract the more diverse your userbase becomes which means you will find it hard to sell your game to the majority of that userbase because of diverse gaming taste. However like MGS and FF and GT. Even this small percentage is still a lager number of people for the PS brand.

Geez, i can't believe i had to explain this. Are we clear now?.

The Lazy One3268d ago

I am aware there's falloff in large user bases. You get a lot of casual gamers and a lot of people buying multiple PS2's when the number got that big.

However, there's less than a 50% difference in sales when there's almost a 200% difference in consoles sold. Gran Turismo 4 has already been outsold by Halo 3, and it had a 500% difference in consoles sold.

And GT5P might not be the definitive GT experience, but any game that's sold for full price should be judged against full games. And I did bring up Halo Wars which is on pace to sell similarly to GT5P. I would consider those close as far as importance to the series goes.

FamilyGuy3267d ago

Thanks for ending your own argument. Gran Turismo Prologue did NOT retail for "full price". "Full price" games this gen cost $60 and GT5 Prologue retailed for $40 upon release and has only gone down since.

I'm one of the MANY people who decided not to buy the prologue and opted for waiting on the full game. Prologue has sold over 3 million copies so far so do you really think the full release won't do better than that when people might have had the same thought as me on the purchase?

snp3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

"I am aware there's falloff in large user bases. You get a lot of casual gamers and a lot of people buying multiple PS2's when the number got that big."


"However, there's less than a 50% difference in sales when there's almost a 200% difference in consoles sold. Gran Turismo 4 has already been outsold by Halo 3, and it had a 500% difference in consoles sold."

Each game is a different situation which is where ratio's become a bit funky. A big first game in a franchise is going to create big anticipation for the second game - even it's on the same system. Whereas a big third or fourth, coming as the second game of the series on the same console, isn't necessarily going to have the same anticipation. GT5 should have a little more hype when it comes on the back of there a)not being a GT for a long while, and b)it being on a new level of tech.

I agree, though, with the basic point that Halo is more of a mascot franchise, with a higher attach rate and association with Microsofts console than GT has with Sonys - with all the good and bad that that brings. Without knowing how well its received by press and a thousand other variables, there's no way of knowing what GT5 will do, but i'd be reluctant to be putting out the challenge to Halo3 like Cmrbe did.

And GT5P might not be the definitive GT experience, but any game that's sold for full price should be judged against full games. And I did bring up Halo Wars which is on pace to sell similarly to GT5P. I would consider those close as far as importance to the series goes.

As per family guy - GT5P didn't sell at full price. That you weren't aware of this might explain the funkiness of some of your comparisons using it. In Australia it was either half price, or just under half price from memory.

Halo Wars is it's own beast - it's like Mario Tennis to Mario platformers. Closest to GT would be some kind of 'not racing' spinoff game - a strategy or something maybe using GT licence. But, meh, i've already agreed with you that Halo, for all intents and purposes, is Microsoft main mascot as well as being it's highest selling title; Sony has a range of titles but not one 'main' one that everyone who buys a Playstation would want to at least rush to rent, if not buy. GT is probably the closest thing. Uncharted, Killzone, God of War, Little Big Adventure are all pretty much on an even keel.

The Lazy One3266d ago

ok fine GT5P sold for $40. That doesn't discount that Halo 3 is outselling GT4 and is selling with numbers very near GT3 on a console base that's a quarter the size.

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chasegamez23269d ago

when there no new good games to buy on that concsole
u have no choice but 2 buy old crap

ELite_Ghost3268d ago

it was prob 10$ or something.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3268d ago

How sad the PS3 can't even get one game to outsell a two year old game that has a sequel on the horizon. With all that talk about how it was going to be judgment day for bots when Killzone 2 comes out, and how PS2 owners were just waiting for KZ2 to drop before they upgrade to a PS3. My fav is that KZ2 was supposed to push millions of PS3's only to freefall flopity flopity to the ground.

AngryTypingGuy3268d ago

When will you guys just admit that Halo is a great franchise? Just admit it already.

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Cherchez La Ghost3269d ago

"Nintendo & EA are Top 10 Games in U.K."!!

faisdotal3269d ago

inFAMOUS is still hanging in there, noice.

Omega43269d ago

Why people are still buying halo 3 when ODST will have the same multiplayer but with all the maps and an added mode.

Syronicus3269d ago

Why not buy it? There is still added value to buying the game and at the price it should be selling well.

Omega43269d ago

True but I preodered ODST for just £26 so thats why i dont see why people just dont get it instead, but Halo 3 is one of those games that if you have the console you really should at least rent it.

On another note, just looked at the chart and even Halo Wars is still selling well, thats even more surprising than Halo 3. MS must be crying now they cant make a sequel since they let Ensemble go.

STONEY43269d ago

For the same reason people buy Uncharted and left4dead when the second is coming out soon, because they're good games and they're cheap.

darkequitus3269d ago

At least rent it??? You implying that is the least they should do. They are. They are going one step further. Just because OSDT is coming out they should not buy it. Maybe for the Campaign. Some people like to buy and keep games. And What rent it from block busters for how much?

IronFistChinMi3269d ago

MS can make a sequel to Halo Wars. Robot Entertainment are handling that IP now.

Elven63269d ago

The singleplayer could be a motive, so could the "my friends are playing it" factor.

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