Crysis-France Community Q&A with Eric Lagel

A little while ago, Crysis-France had arranged a community Q&A with Crytek Employee, Eric Lagel over IRC. All those interested could join the IRC channel and participate in the Q&A. The Q&A is in French, so understanding it is difficult even with the help of google's translator. Below is a list of both new information, and information that although not new, many people would not be aware of. I suggest you all read through the Q&A as there's no doubt more new information, it's just hard to find.

- There are currently 6 death match maps and 6 power struggle maps.
- There are no classes in Crysis. Instead, players can make their own by mixing and matching different weapons and inventory.
- The korean nano-suit is noticeably different from the US nano-suit making it easier to identify who's on your team.
- There will be two anti-cheat systems working in parallel.
- There will be more weapons in multiplayer than in singleplayer.
- An in-game voice chat system has not been added as of yet.
- There is currently no option to turn the nano-suit off in multiplayer. Eric Lagel says that once you use the nano-suit, you never want to play without it.
- You won't be able to build anything in the multiplayer mode of Crysis.
- Crytek have professional gamers testing Crysis and providing feedback to both improve the game, and have it tuned for E-sports.
- Crysis will use GameSpy (for the player login possibly).
- To play Crysis, you will need to have the DVD inserted in your PC

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Rooted_Dust4242d ago

I would like to know exactly what they mean about building things in multiplayer.