The Reticule: Bionic Commando Review

The Reticule writes: "Bionic Commando has fooled me into loving it.

It's the confusing girl at school. She's not particularly attractive, and has strange food for lunch. But she's got an infectious personality, and she's just /fun/ to be around. She makes you laugh and shake your head, and you keep coming back to her even though she smells of cabbages, and that slight quirk in her smile unsettles you. Now imagine that girl is a psychotic bloke with a grappling hook for an arm, and an army of terrorists to kill."

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SIXAXISofEVIL3239d ago

I think this game is a lot better than people have said it is, although the checkpoint system and radiation walls are really frustrating. If you don't take it too seriously, it can be pretty fun, especially once you get the arm swinging down. I kind of wish some people would play multiplayer.