Activision and EA reveal GamesCom 2009 line-ups

Activision and EA have announced which games they will be bringing to the GamesCom 2009 event in Germany.

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Syronicus3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Can't wait to hear the PC specs for that game. Rage looks awesome and I hope my rig runs that baby smooth.

knox3271d ago

syronicus, me to, i cant wait for rage

ps3gamerkyle3271d ago

Nice...Dante's Inferno, BFBC2 and The Saboteur!

Serg3271d ago

"Activision and E3 reveal GamesCon 2009 line-ups."

A 3 instead of an E would be considerend 1337 in the gaming world... but an A? Come on.

knox3271d ago

ROFL i didnt even notice that until you said that XD

Roper3163271d ago

EA's line up just looks amazing while Activision's just plain blows with just a few rehashed generic games that they release every 6 months.

knox3271d ago

thats why i hate activision

LarVanian3271d ago

Show me your Rage!
Btw EA >>> Activision this gen.

knox3271d ago