Gamasutra Interview: Scratch: The Ultimate DJ Gets New Developer, 2010 Release

Scratch: The Ultmate DJ now has a new developer. Turntable maker Numark and publisher Genius Products announced they've tapped Commotion Interactive, the music and party game division of Toronto-based Bedlam Games, to finish developing the embattled music title.

Scratch has been almost from the start at the core of a complex and contentious legal battle with publisher Activision and its rival product, DJ Hero. Activision acquired the game's original developer, 7 Studios, amid accusations that it was motivated to delay the competing title's release, and 7 Studios returned fire with claims of "unsavory business practices."

A court has since ordered 7 Studios to return the game's source code to Genius and Numark, but speaking to Gamasutra, Numark gaming product manager Fred Galpern says that order remains unfulfilled.

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