Forget the PS3 Slim. How about a slim Xbox 360?

Cnet: Over the past few months, much of the talk in the video game industry has surrounded Sony and its rumored PlayStation 3 Slim. The product, if it exists, promises to be smaller and, more importantly, cheaper.

This console needs to slim down, too.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm excited about the possibility of the Slim hitting store shelves. I've called on Sony multiple times to drop the price of the PlayStation 3. I believe that it's the key to Sony staying relevant during this generation of game consoles.

But as the PS3 Slim kept us guessing, a report hit the Web on Wednesday claiming that Microsoft might be planning to ditch the Xbox 360 Pro in favor of offering just two Xbox 360 models--the Arcade and the Elite. Great. But what about a refresh?

The Xbox 360 is a beast. It's huge. Its DVD drive is extremely loud. And its power supply is both big and heavy.

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maawdawg2999d ago

I wouldn't upgrade for a 360 Slim on looks alone. Sign me up for a 360 Reliable or 360 Quiet though.

His article made a lot of sense until he started calling for MS to put BluRay into their machine when it is Sony property. That isn't going to happen. Much better chance of HD-DVD (which is now CBHD) ending up in a 360 if it keeps growing. Then the game media war will have gone full circle.

joydestroy2999d ago

a "360 quiet" would be nice. and one without the power brick on the outside.

Syronicus2999d ago

That we will not see a 360 slim model but we will see a model next year with integrated NATAL and possibly WiFi. It won't be any smaller but be packed with more stuff.

PirateThom2999d ago

I doubt Natal will be integraded, it might be packed in, but the actual canera piece of Natal couldn't be part of the main console, surely?

Blaze9292999d ago


"Of course x+ will use a redefined mobo to make sure launch consoles will be working and continue to stay working. "

I think with that, all the 360 errors will be no longer a problem or matter of discussion...with that specific console and models. So a slim would actually be quite interesting and nice to have becuase the 360 is indeed huge. I'd buy a slim

The Wood2999d ago

but they need to learn how to build a chunky correctly before they can ever hope of making a 'slim'

darthv722999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Maybe even before the slim ps3. I am betting the reason there isnt much information about it is because they either have really good security or dont need the attention and hype/gossip hounds like sony does.

Sony really needs all the hype and attention they can get to drum up interest and sales. The wii is blowing both away because of its casual pick up and play attitude. A price cut to me just isnt enough to gain the support with not enough attention towards marketing. I kind of miss the old sony who would market the crap out of games and their system. You couldnt see a game commercial without it ending in the playstation logo/catch phrase (or opening with it).

Things have changed and the marketing crown has to go to MS in my opinion. I have seen so many more MS backed ads from third party games. Sony can reduce the cost and revise the system all they want but the third piece of the puzzle is to market it. HEAVILY!!!

MS is making a smaller slimmer 360. It is inevitable. They are being very quiet. Do they have good people who dont leak or does sony have people that do that on purpose? Either way both are working on slimming down their respected systems. Which one will the public appeal to more remains to be seen.

ps3d02999d ago

Wow this article is beyond stupid. 1st off why do you care how big or heavy the power supply is seriouslY do you walk around with it just for kicks or something ? I put mine at the back of my entertain center 4 years ago and its still there I barely even remember what it looks like let alone how heavy it was.

If the sound of the DVD drive busy you so much just install the games to the harddive (an option I wish my ps3 had) and play then off there the dvd isnt even in use when you do this.

Why the hell would you even want a blu ray in the xbox ? More important what reason would MS have for putting one in ? to give sony exdtra money ? So they can jack up the cost of making a 360 and start losing money (again).

I do think we might see a redisgn 360 when natal comes out and yes I think there is good chance that it will be integrated in to the some 360's. If they really are goin cut the pro it make sence. Drop the price of the elite to the price of the current pro model and release 360/natal combo with a bigger HDD (something like 200-250gb be good) for the price the elite is now

C_SoL2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

the PS3 slim is going to have a power brick just like the PS2 slim......

FamilyGuy2999d ago

Unless the thing comes completely covered in vent holes who would take the risk?

How would the design look anyways, just think about the 360s HDD, it's have to be placed on the side/horizontal top, or inside. I'd don't think it's even in consideration at this point. They're all about Natal for now.

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doctorstrange2999d ago

they would probably wait for Natal and launch it with that

GameForFame2999d ago

So they can what? Overheat faster?

Veneno2999d ago

so you can Red Ring in style, baby!!

GameForFame2999d ago

Yeaaaaaaaa booooooooooooooi

pure pwnage242999d ago

a turd is a turd
no matter what shape it turns into

juicyjuice2999d ago

LOL I agree. The PS3 IS a turd!!1



pure pwnage242999d ago

the xbox 360 is a turd because it poops out sh!t games and in its-self is a turd

Defectiv3_Detectiv32999d ago

Yeah, lets take a console that's notorious for overheating and condense it! Not to mention, you are still gonna have a power brick this size of a footlong and how exactly is the HDD supposed to attach to the console???

Saaking2999d ago

Wow, if MS releases a slim and a price cut they'll just look desperate. At $299 the PS3 will destroy the 360 no matter how cheap and thin it is.

Gamer11112999d ago

like its destroying the 360 now right? man thanks for the laugh

Saaking2999d ago

Notice how I said "At 299"? Is the PS3 299 now? NO, you fail.

Gamer11112999d ago

ooo nos i FAILLLLLL AHHHHH *falls into vortex of doom*

didn't people say the first price cut of the ps3 would destroy the 360...o wait

Saaking2999d ago

It did, until MS cut their price to 199 in a desperate attempt to stop the PS3's momentum. As I said above 299 PS3= 360 will slowly die.

Nineball21122999d ago

Saaking is making sense here... Gamer1111 not so much.

Gamer11112999d ago

how was it a desperate attempt to out sell the ps3...when they were already outselling the ps3. plus back then the 199$ 360 was profiting...making money on each console sold. the $399 ps3 came out it sold better than the 499 ps3 ,but Sony was continuing to lose money in every ps3 sold.

its business man. lets be real.

plus uncharted 2 is going to be the best game this year. play the beta every day

Saaking2999d ago

How do you know MS was making profit off of it? Did they tell you? For all we know they could have been loosing money with the arcade.

LuHawk22999d ago

Shut yur crying ass up [email protected] you been deseperate for a sony price cut

Saaking2999d ago

Why am I desperate for a price cut when I already own a PS3? If anyone's desperate it's you.

GiantEnemyCrab2999d ago

No, desperate is dropping the price of your console the first year on the market, ala the PS3.

A system going on it's 4/5th year it makes sense to refine it and bring the price down. MS are simply doing what Sony started with the PS1/PS2.

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Nineball21122999d ago

that Don Reisinger actually mentioned ANY thing bad about the 360.

I'm impressed by this article. He makes some very valid points.