Modern Warfare Has A Competitor For "Stupidest Collector's Edition"

Modern Warfare 2's collector's edition is ridiculous. It's Activision testing how stupid you all are. But it's not alone in the over-the-top military shooter collector's edition stakes! No, there's also Operation Flashpoint 2 to consider.

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SeanScythe2935d ago

I feel as though the game companys are preparing us to take over the world. Bat man gives us a real batarang, MW2 nightvision, FP:DR gives us a helmet. The first one that gives me an M-16 gets my money.

Blaze9292934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )


@SeanScythe, hahaha. Maybe will come bundled with the next CoD for Natal haha.

IzKyD13312934d ago

Anyone who bought the Prestige edition wasted a good chunk of money. So you'll have night vision goggles, now when the hell are you gonna use them besides when you turn off all the lights in your room?

itchy182934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )


bnaked2934d ago

The night vision goggles are cheap! A mediocre one costs 600$ and more..

I would say yes, Activision has messed you around

Christopher2934d ago

Wonder how popular the next hunting game would be if it came with a scoped hunting rifle?

P.S. Thanks for the laugh.

BenderDGreat822934d ago

that's poor people talk for not being able to afford the Presige Edition :P

FrankenLife2934d ago

When the revolution comes and we are forced to fight for survival, I will be prepared with my night vision goggles. You will not be so lucky. Stock up now people.

BattleAxe2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

I think they should re-release CoD: WaW as a special edition bundled with an that would be cool.

I'd probably end up shooting my tv...

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SlaughterMeister2934d ago

Considering how much flack we (gamers) get over games like GTA, can you imagine the uproar if some nut got ahold of one of these things and used it in a shooting?

The Columbine shooters just PLAYED video games, just think if they had been wearing products distributed by video game companies!

-Mezzo-2934d ago

Unlucky fellows, this won't sell out early. lol

-Mezzo-2934d ago

and the Modern Warfare 2 wins, for actually selling it.

Saaking2934d ago

Actvision is the winner of stupidest company of the year.