SFX-360: Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta Review

SFX-360 writes: "For almost a year, the crew at Bethesda have wowed us with the post-apocalyptic world of the Capital Wasteland in Fallout 3. During that time our hero from Vault 101 has embarked on many adventures. Some have taken us to faraway lands like The Pitt and Point Lookout, but nobody was prepared for what was about to happen next. Just when you thought that you've seen and killed everything, something literally "out of this world" was about to happen. Now you've been abducted by aliens in the latest chapter in Fallout 3...Mothership Zeta.

Our latest adventure begins with a strange radio signal featuring some strange jibberish, which sounds almost like an Imperial Probe Droid, being heard across the Capital Wasteland. Figuring that you are quite the explorer, you decide to go on a quest to locate the origin of the signal which eventually is located at the site of a crashed alien spaceship. Yes, the same spaceship from the main campaign with the dead alien, and also contained the powerful Alien Blaster gun with the limited ammo. Somehow I bet we were all wondering what was up with the crashed alien spaceship during the we know. Unfortunately you won't be able to investigate the site for long as the aliens use a tractor beam to pull you onboard their ship <cue Admiral Ackbar voice> "It's a trap!" You'll then be treated with a cutscene of the aliens experimenting on you. Now the real quest begins..."

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