Kombo: Overlord II Review

Kombo writes: "Overlord II is the sequel to the underground hit Overlord. The game is best described as Pikmin with an evil twist.

You control the Overlord, a magic-bearing man who was exiled as a boy by his home town. As a boy you show the ability to command the Minions, creatures that live underground and and seek to wreak havoc and evil upon the inhabitants--both human and animal--that live overground. There are four types of minions to order around to help you in your quest to dominate the land. Brown minions are your basic grunt fighter types, red minions are immune to fire and can throw fireballs, green minions are immune to poison and can do sneak attacks, and blue minions are able to pass through water unharmed. The Overlord himself has a few attacks and spells at his disposal, but the vast majority of the time he relies on the minions to do his dirty work..."

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