Crisis Core's Jump Festa trailer goes public

Square Enix has finally released Crisis Core's only trailer to the public.

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Counter_ACT4242d ago

Jump Festa 07? Hasn't happened yet XD

I watched this trailer about 2 months ago when it was on their website, this is old.

soul4242d ago

It was released for 'members only'. Now it has finally been released to the 'public', aka at the official website.

XxZxX4242d ago

Gamespot score prediction
gamespot will give this game, 7.8, no matter how good or how bad it is.

sajj3164242d ago

Gamespot. Their reviewing is very inconsistent, not only for PS3/PSP games but for games in general. The one thing Gamespot does well is providing videos of game shows like E3, CES, TGS, etc...

sajj3164242d ago

Counter_ACT, ones OLD news is another's NEW news. Anyway, good to see Crisis Core. Looking forward to playing this game. This is what you call a system seller.

CardboardGun4241d ago

I can't believe it took me so long to figure out the 'one winged angel' reference from the end of FFVII (that's the name of one of Sephiroths themes).. Now it actually means something. Cool..

(Wow, I'm such a geek...)

hfaze4241d ago

I can't wait for this... If nothing else but to get some more back-story on the FF VII story line.

It's going to rock...

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