Kombo: G-Force Review

Kombo writes: "G-Force the video game is about some guinea pigs that kick some serious butt. They are highly trained government operatives that can get into and out of impossible situations when they arise because they are tiny creatures. The video game is mostly a third person platformer with weapons and gadgets thrown in for good measure. You control Darwin, the G-Force team leader, through a world filled with deadly common household appliances. One of the most notable features is the fact that G-Force is a 3D game. Not the 3D that has been around for a long time but the "put your glasses on and stuff comes popping out of the TV" kind of 3D.

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It is no secret that video games based on movies are making some progress in not being the laughing stock of the video game industry. Developers are finally making realistic goals and executing them with a level of polish that we are just beginning to see. G-Force is one of those games. Let's get one thing straight, there is not a single thing in the game that you haven't encountered before. However, that doesn't mean that the presentation has to suffer. The main gameplay is typical platforming fare with a few gun gadgets to spice up the action meter. You'll notice that the G-Force and the game environment are very well done. Animations are decent and the voice acting is spot on..."

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