Kombo: Killzone 2: Nalpalm and Cordite Map Pack Impressions

Kombo writes: "Killzone 2 is still the best the best online FPS experience that you can find on the PS3, bar none. It also probably ranks somewhere up in the top five FPS experiences so far this generation. To keep the game fresh and exciting, the developers at Guerilla Games have pumped up the online game with map packs that beef up the game that much more. In the past, the upgrades have been welcome and the maps integrate more of the Killzone universe with interesting yet familiar locations to extend the theater of war. The latest map pack is called "Napalm and Cordite" and is the best map pack yet.

For starters, the maps are well built for the game modes that Killzone 2 features. Suljeva Cliffs and Arctower Landing are visually opposites. Cliffs is more of an outdoor map where you can fight battles in the open, dusty air and try and take cover behind a few rusted husks of a base..."

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Wh15ky3086d ago

These 2 maps are my favourite downloadable ones so far.
Love the narrow map of Suljeva Cliffs yet the different routes that can be taken to get to the enemies end kinda similar to Corinth Crossing. Also loving the Arctower map, it's kinda similar to Radec Academy, one of my favourites of the original maps.