Are Nintendo Finally Losing Steam? Sony and Microsoft's chance for the top spot?

Wii Sales are now continuing to decline, mainly due to the lack of blockbuster titles for The Nintendo Wii console. Surely the majority of the target audience has themselves a copy of Wii Fit and Wii sports by now, which means unless Nintendo can stay consistent, they may just see their throne compromised.

Even Nintendo's Iwata has said "It's not the case of the quality of hardware moved, the feeling of missing strong competitive power, lacking its luster or poor sales.

"Consistently, big time titles will be released in the marketplace for this hardware. When that stops, to reinvigorate the console, or to put it another way, I think the current decline in hardware sales is due to the fact that there aren't many big titles (at the moment)."

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RobertKotick3124d ago

what do they expect, consumers only pay what the market wants, and i say increase the price, so more people buy the wii games.
you know it makes sense

Rockstar3124d ago

Makes sense to me Bobby.

You're a marketing genius!

Xof3124d ago

"Nintendo" is singular, not plural.

Mbros4563124d ago

i should say make better technology then xbox's natal im getting xbox and im losing attraction to nintendo cause they havent release any good things for DSi (except they release facebook yesterday that made me come to DSi for few hours) or wii seriously nintendo get over the fit hypnotise and start getting to something new for this year next year omg