IncGamers Review - Ashes Cricket 2009

IncGamers' Andy Alderson assesses Ashes Cricket 2009.

From the review: "Codemasters' new game is a continuation of the Brian Lara franchise in all but name and allows fans to re-enact this year's event in a fully-licensed Ashes mode. But has Aussie developer Transmission managed to craft a game which can hold the player's interest throughout such a long, gruelling competition? Well, the good news is that Ashes Cricket 2009 improves on the last Brian Lara game. However, some significant problems remain."

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Chazmers3245d ago

Always loved Brian Lara's from a few years ago, hope this plays the same.

Leord3245d ago

He is holding that cricket bad awfully weirdly...

cayal3245d ago

Looks alright to me. That picture is blurry.