High Street cheaper than 360 Games-On-Demand

MCV: Though we're yet to hear the specific price of each title heading to Microsoft's Xbox 360 Games On Demand service next week, Joystiq is claiming that all titles will be priced between 1,600 MS Points (£13.50) and 2,400 MS Points (£20).

This is good news for bricks and mortar retail – MCV research has shown that nearly all of the titles due to arrive on the service next week can be sourced for significantly less on the High Street.

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monkfish3185d ago

suprised?....this is microsoft....i still intend to buy a dvd of a game than digital tempt me away from that its going to have to be cheaper.

120FPS3185d ago

The concept of "on demand" is a very good idea, especially for those lazy barstuards who just cant be bothered going anywhere but the games that will be on there not only have to compete with the high street but the second hand market as well.
For example, i have a choice - Get assasins creed on demand for 1600 msp or from amazon for about £7.00........
The ideal selling price point would be between 1200 - 1600 points, anything more is just plain silly