Activision Getting Exclusive Sections at Retail

On a conference call following Activision Blizzard's Q2 fiscal announcement, Activision Publishing boss Mike Griffith revealed an interesting new retail initiative. Apparently the publisher has managed to get certain retailers to devote entire sections to Activision's video game portfolio.

"Retailers are showing a strong commitment to our holiday launches and we expect our shelf space allocations to remain strong throughout this holiday season. And to further support our slate, we've been working with retailers to better merchandize the game category in stores. For example, for the first time, many of our top retailers this holiday will be designating multiple sections within the stores, which will exclusively feature our products. Some of these sections will include a store within a store retail space featuring our key franchises and demo stations. This will enable our consumers to better navigate our game selection and increase their propensity to purchase," Griffith explained.

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Saaking3151d ago

On behalf of all gamers, Activision you can go to hell and stick your precious games where they belong.