Is Activision Digging Their Own Grave?


Will people continue to support Activision in the same numbers as in the past? Has Activision jumped the gun with this sudden bout of (at least perceived) arrogance? Will gamers really stop and think for a moment whether or not they really NEED another Modern Warfare, Guitar Hero, or Tony Hawk? Anger tends to cause people to consider other options. And there are many games to be released both this year and next that are competing for wallet-share.

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TheHater3151d ago

I have not bought an Activision game since Modern Warefare. That was 2 years ago.

chaosatom3151d ago

They are lucky to have Infinity Ward.

Otherwise, people would see that they are now just milking franchises.

Dandiego3151d ago

I thought about it and if there isn't another Modern Warfare game I'm playing my SNES. I have a PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 and I don't play anything else than COD4 (short periods on other games but not too long)... and I'm getting over it now since we are 2 years in and there was only 1 map pack. That WAW game got 3 and I'm pissed but I'll still buy MW2 day 1 and prestige pack.

The Matrix3151d ago

No need to dig there own grave I'll dig it for them.

TruthbeTold3151d ago

Is it worth it?

Are we going to start paying extra for Zelda games too just because they can probably charge what they want? What about Madden if EA starts acting offensively condescending? The cost of pride is relative to the individual, but sometimes a statement needs to be made in order to put people in check.

cmrbe3151d ago

as well as crapcom. EA on the otherhand i already have 3 EA games.

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jack_burt0n3151d ago

mate just change the pic to a picture of the activision logo burning, or surrounded by nazi, KKK, binladen, the devil or masonic symbols u know so it fits.

TruthbeTold3151d ago

That would have been just a tad harsh.

xztence3151d ago

These idiots need to be treated like sh!t, people need to boycott their ass for all I care. Bad Company 2 >>>>> Modern Sh!tfare 2 anyway.

Saaking3151d ago

Unfortunately, CODMW 2 will cell a LOT regardless of price because there's a lot of people who only play COD. I will be buying it used. I'm tired of Actvision's comments, attitude, and especially Kotick. That guy's face gets on my nerves...

Saaking3151d ago

The bots will buy MW 2 even if it's $100. They like paying a lot for low quality stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.