GeForce GTX 285 Gets 2 GB: Gigabyte's GV-N285OC-2GI


More recently, the industry has seen an explosion in both graphics processing and system demands, with games becoming increasingly complicated and gorgeous 30" displays supporting 2560x1600 pixel resolutions. Putting aside marketing tricks of the past, the high end just might be where memory really needs to expand.

You won't find a higher-end graphics processor than Nvidia's GeForce GTX 285, and that's why Gigabyte chose it as the first model to support two gigabytes of super-fast GDDR3-2400 memory. Hints of a custom design are seen in its combination of HDMI and VGA connections, rather than a fistful of adapters, and bold claims of a "2 ounce Copper Inner Layer" for its circuit board.

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