WorthPlaying: 'Little League World Series Baseball 2009 Review

WorthPlaying: "Over the years, Little League Baseball and its players have demonstrated traits that make it the polar opposite of Major League Baseball and its players. Whereas MLB players are being questioned as to whether their skills come from performance-enhancing products, Little League players can always be counted on to stay clean. While MLB players have a bad reputation for playing the game for the large paychecks, Little League players play it for the sheer love of the game. The MLB World Series is usually comprised of American teams, while the Little League version is truly a world affair with participants coming in from different countries. Despite the positive image it casts on the sport and a steady amount of popularity over the years, it's surprising to see that Little League Baseball really hasn't been represented in a video game since the NES era. Activision and Now Productions rectified that by bringing out Little League World Series Baseball 2008, a game that was met with some surprise and generally positive reviews. The publishing and development team have decided to work together again on Little League World Series Baseball 2009, a game that seeks to improve upon last year's version by improving on what was already good. "

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