PS3 Exclusive SuperCar Challenge Release Date Announced

System3 has finally announced a solid release date for the upcoming PS3 exclusive racer, SuperCar Challenge.

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callahan093210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

This game sounds pretty impressive. The Ferrari Challenge game they released last year was really well-done, but not very well-received because these games are very realistic supercar simulators. It can be extremely difficult because you really feel the speed and the danger in driving these powerful machines when you play System 3's racers. If I recall correctly, the reviewers weren't too pleased with the high difficulty of the previous game, so they'll probably criticize this one for the same thing. Not to mention that these days everybody wants 400+ cars and the critics didn't like the fact that only Ferrari's were available in that game. But anybody really interested in driving the world's fastest production racecars, System 3's games are for you. 1080p rendering, too, this game looks gorgeous.

gaffyh3210d ago

I think I know what you are talking about here, because the Beta, which I'm sure quite a few N4G users got a code for, was pretty difficult. Still good idea from the devs to release this game before Forza and GT PSP, they DO NOT want that type of competition.

AuToFiRE3210d ago

im in the beta, it is actually a pretty fun little game

Ju3210d ago

I like(d) the Ferrari challenge and was wondering when they would support a broader range of cars. Looks like they do with that game. It might not be up there with GT and Forza, but its great to play, and its still a high quality racer, IMO. The wheel somehow doesn't feel right, and needs some tuning. The rain is awesome (with c0ckpit-view), what I missed is a more slippery terrain in case of a wet surface. Seams that's in now. But, true, to win I had to go to easy mode...

poindat3210d ago

I had no idea that this was a PS3 exclusive. The only reason I didn't pick up Ferrari Challenge was because I didn't like the idea of only being able to race one make. Now that it's been broadened to supercars in general, I think it will make a great little sim... certainly something to keep me held over until GT5.

cRaZyLeGs 933210d ago

Had the beta, rarely played it but I thought it was good enough to buy. Very crisp graphics and good simulation. I also had no lag.

Greywulf3210d ago

Your opponents’ artificial intelligence has also been completely rewritten with a brand new Dynamic AI setting allowing the game to change the challenge you receive based on how well or badly your career is going.

FamilyGuy3210d ago

It sounds like a good game and all but is it going to be $60? It's got a good number of tracks and cars but in comparison the GT5 why would anyone buy this? I wonder if GT5 will be over $60 now that I think about how much they put into this game and how much was put into previous installments

GT is just like the pentacle of racing sims for me. Like if you own the game you don't need ANY other similar game for a LONG time.

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haskell4203210d ago

Iv'e been in the closed beta since early May, and the game is pretty sweet Great graphics, and the driving is hard as hell

faisdotal3210d ago

I recently got GRID, going from the SuperCar Challenge beta to Grid was just awkward...

gaffyh3210d ago

Lol yeah GRID is a completely different type of racer, a lot more arcadey.

-Mezzo-3210d ago

I hope this is a good game. well it will be as it is a PS3 exclusive.

3210d ago
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