Ninja Gaiden Could Go Motion Controlled

NowGamer: Tecmo Koei president Kenji Matsubara has revealed the circumstances under which the Ninja Gaiden series could be adapted to work with Sony's motion control technology

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A_Little_Girl2934d ago

Ninja gaiden 3 exclusive to ps3 almost confirmed?

mastiffchild2934d ago

I doubt that, really I do, but what I was immediatley thinking of was just how damn tiring it would be!

raztad2934d ago

I just hope this crazy motion control stuff dont get out of hand. i want to enjoy my games not to work out.

labaronx2933d ago

right one of the fastest paced action games on the hd consoles to have motion

N4PS3G2933d ago


"New Team Ninja leader says the Ninja Gaiden series will continue, that the intention is to make it for "both audiences"

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XLiveGamer2934d ago

Thank God Motion Controlers (NATAL or PS3) are optional in games!!!

Sangria2933d ago

What is interesting with that "motion control trend" is how it will affect multiplatform games.
On a third party point of view, how will be developed games?
Exclusively for each console? Exclusively for Natal, and a PS3-Wii port?
Or will motion control games be clamped on Natal and PS3 wand to fit for a single multiplatform game?

I don't like motion control gaming but i can't wait they release, just to see how it will evolve with these three similar but different technologies.