Activision: 'Guitar Hero genre down significantly'

Though developers and publishers may be allured by the mass-market potential in making a music game, Activision-Blizzard admitted yesterday that the genre is facing tough times.

Last night during its earnings call Activision Blizzard admitted that the music game genre is "down significantly".

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BoneIdle3145d ago

I dont know what they are moaning about its their own fault. Remember all the messing with GH3 and rock band on PS3 and the controllers not working.

Then you could get rock band 2 on xbox in europe before rock band 1 even came out on ps3. Rock band 2 was never in stock in shops it took me months to get a shop to get it in for me.

Then look at activision's games the GH smash hits just a rehash of the older games, World tour was terrible, the "bands" games they chose ! could they have chosen worse bands aerosmith then the corporate sellouts metalica and whats up next van halen !!!!.

GH5 is coming soon and has around 5 good songs on it slightly better than WT but not much.

PirateThom3145d ago

That's what saturating the market does... which was their own fault.

madpuppy3145d ago (Edited 3145d ago )

if I remember correctly when Activision merged with Blizzard they made a statement about not pursuing new IP but, rather pumping out sequels to successful games. that is why they dropped all those new IP games after the merger, brutal legend, Wet and a few others I cannot remember. I guess their plan was to keep releasing new GH and rehash sports games every year and milk customers.

sa_nick3145d ago

People are finally starting to realise how awesome Rock Band is and how much the GH series sucks ass now.