Square Enix Register New Trademark: Cross Treasures

Square Enix have been doing a lot of mystery countdowns and trademark registrations recently, and it doesn't look set to stop as they've registered another trademark in Japan.

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Selyah3238d ago

Hmm, interesting potential title name there, unlikely to see anything bloom from it though. I guess only time will tell.

Myst3238d ago

Sounds like it might be a Cross over title..

mephman3238d ago

That would definitely be interesting. o.o

TheHater3238d ago

It is probable another Wii or DS title

Chris3993238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

After the hard-on DQ IX must have given everyone.

Good thing that I have one, as it's a JRPG nirvana. I'd really like to see some new DSi exclusive JRPGs that make use of the added processing power though. The DSi is around 4 times as powerful as a standard DS.

From Wikipedia, in case you all think I'm full of bologna :)


Scroll down to "Technical Specifications".

The DSi is almost as powerful as an unclocked PSP. They should really do something with all that juice.

Tony P3238d ago

A lot of the DS titles are good games but I could definitely stand to see more JRPGs take advantage of the specs PS3/360 and even PC offer.

Loxhart3238d ago

Lol, the first word somehow reminds me of Chrono Cross. But like the person before me this is probably going to be a DS or Wii game. Let's hope my hunch is wrong.

Plus why does that site have so many adverts? Lol, I think it needs a major redesigning.

Redempteur3238d ago

You could think of this saga if the word chrono was here .. BUT it's not ...
Cross mean so much that you shouldn't have hope for it until you see a trailer AND/OR have more information

Arknight3238d ago

Please don't let it be another portable RPG. Back when they were Squaresoft they pushed out an epic game every 6 months or so....

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