Activision's Kotick: I'd Raise Game Prices Even More

Activision raised a lot of eyebrows last month with the revelation that Modern Warfare 2 will cost £55, but it's not enough for the company's CEO, Bobby Kotick. He wants all your money.

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Traveler3243d ago

That's some gall. Is he trying to make people upset at Activision?

poindat3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Activision sure is on a slippery slope... I really hope that nobody with any common sense supports these ridiculous prices.

You can praise MW2 all you want, but there was no reason for the UK price hike, and I can't understand why anyone would want to put down $149 for the game, even if it is the special edition.

KionicWarlord2223243d ago

He already did with these game delays...

Yi-Long3243d ago

... in a time where there are so many games coming out that are great, and deserve our money, he raises the prices(!)

Tony Hawk will flop. No doubt about it.

Modern Warfare 2 might be the greatest game of all time. Who knows. I sure won't find out untill it's 20-30 bucks a few years from now, or when I might download it instead of buying it. I sure as hell aren't gonna pay more than 50 bucks (euro) for a game.

This guy is just a complete clueless idiot.
Thank 'God' Brutal Legend has been snatched up by EA after being dropped by Activision, so I can just spend my money on that when it comes out.

Hellsvacancy3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Whether its Activision or any other developer UNLESS i knew the game woz gonna b worth EVERY penny (Heavy Rain + Final Fantasy Versus) - I doubt Modern Warfare 2's even gonna b worth the rental price im gonna pay (7.99 a month) if i had a 360 i would find a torrent 4 it Activision aint gettin my ££££'s unless they cum-up wid da goods

Carl14123243d ago

WOW indeed.

What a greedy ******. I hate this guy

stevenhiggster3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

As much as I was looking forward to MW2 there's no way I'll be giving Activision 1penny! If I do ever decide to get the game then it'll be pre owned to make sure Activision get nothing from me.

Headshot813243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

We'll find out once MW2 drops, they'll regret their ps3 threats and price hikes on all platforms! The economy is rough, , and if activision wants to screw us in our time of need , we'll make sure we'll screw them and pass over their sh!t product, better believe that!They try to take our money, we'll hit'em where it counts,their checkbook!
p.s.- better release a demo too, gamers don't want to end up buying an overpriced "add on content".(BTW-im not buying it either way)

(Holy sh!t,bubbles?)

sunnygrg3243d ago

If this guy stays at Activision, I will never buy an Activision game New.
He is pissin' everybody left and right, and he is actually trying.

JL3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Wow. As if I needed any more reason, I officially hate this guy now. I hope that they kick his a$$ to the curb or something. I think this dude has gone well beyond the limit at this point. I really wish somebody would step in and take Activision down a notch (or ten). I will NOT be supporting them with any of my money until they straighten up. If Infinity Ward has to suffer as well, then so be it (especially since I haven't even seen them step up to at least protest against Activision or anything yet, which by default just makes it appear they agree with Activision on some level). I'd be happy if everybody boycotts all of Activision's games. They're going to seriously end up ruining things for gamers, I fear, if they continue to go unchecked. Hell, they're already bending over our UK brothers. Seriously, nothing but contempt for them at this point...and anybody associated with them.

Edit: @Hell below
Of course man, we're all gamers here. Everyone will have their differences at one point or another, but in the end we're all the same...just gamers. Gotta stick together. From here in the US to there in UK to over in Japan...mess with one of us, you're messing with all of us essentially. It truly sucks for y'all though as you seem to be getting it stuck to you harder than anybody else right now.

Hellsvacancy3243d ago

Bubbles 2 u dude 4 referin 2 us here in the uk as brothers :-)

Syronicus3243d ago

This guy officially wins the "Douche-Bag of the Year" Award for 2k9.

Rainstorm813243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

If anyone need to be boycotted its Bobby Kotick and his recent practices at activision. "id raise prices even more"???? I guess his rant against sony was for nothing because he clearly doesnt have gamers in mind.

Everyone needs to pass on BUYING CoD MW2, Only then will activision (Douchebag Kotick) understand that you cant milk every penny from gamers.

MW2 will be a great FPS, but with Halo ODST and Killzone 2 people can get their FPS fix else where and not be robbed by Activision. 10 bucks for the wolverine war room DLC (preorder extra) we shouldve known this was coming.

Genesis53243d ago

I don't buy Activision games as it is now. This guy isn't doing anything to win me over that's for sure.

SixTwoTwo3243d ago

What a jack***. Activision won't be getting my money for MW2. I'll be doing what the above poster suggested and get it preowned. And to anyone who like me, just has to have MW2 in November please buy it used. Don't give this douche your hard earned cash. F*** you Activision you're not getting any of my cash.

3243d ago
Megaton3243d ago

I already decided to buy MW2 used based on this assclown's earlier douchebaggery. This just sets it in stone. I'm never buying anything new from Activision ever again, and I'm advising all my friends to do the same.

II Necroplasm II3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Also saying that type of stuff in a recession just shows what a careless human he is.
See you in hell Robert Kotick lol

The Wood3243d ago

i hope im strong enough to by MW2 preowned. I already skipped the last 1 because it seemed like more, more of the same. This guy respresents a lot that is wrong and bad in OUR industry. Everybody gets whats coming to them anyway.....

prunchess3243d ago

I was pissed that Activision were putting the price up for MW2 as it was. I would have probably still bought it at christmas but now F*ck them. I'll wait a while now to buy MW2. I'll make a point of trying to get it used. I have absolutely no intention of buying this game new EVER now!

Christopher3243d ago

Some gall? How is that so when idiots have already bought out the ridiculous $149 version of Modern Warfare 2?

Look, unless people stop buying the overpriced crap then they're going to keep raising prices. It's us gamers that are giving them the ability to do this. And when we do all we do is complain and then go out and buy the overpriced items.

We're the idiots, not Kotick.

Rainstorm813243d ago

cant blame all gamers. Modern Warfare 1 is a AAA FPS people are playing it still 2years later. Some Gamers want the best games, unfortunately Activision is forcing us to deal with shytty business practices. Some can deal with not playing the game to others this is the ONLY game they are interested in this year.

Its a Fvcked up situation.

Personally, it looks like uncharted 2 multiplayer will get my full attention without COD MW2 being purchased by me.

raztad3243d ago

@The Wood

Bro if Generic Warfare seemed to you generic the first time I doubt the second will be any different. Some cheap tricks like climbing icy mountains up wont make the cut for amazing gameplay. Generic Warfare is just another run and gun FPS with decent graphics at sub HD resolutions.

anh_duong3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

if activision succeed in selling lots of copies of mw2 then this will open the door for other publishers to raises their prices which will hurt the gamers. credit crunch times are hard enough for gamers so we don't need evil money grabbing corporations like activision to dominate the pricing of games..

if you are xbox owner buy halo: odst or some other mutli game instead of mw2 until activision drops the price of mw2

if you are a ps3 owner do likewise with mag or uncharted 2 etc

if you still are desparate to own mw2 i would suggest you at least delay your purchases for a couple of months

solidarity is what we need to make sure games publishers don't take gamers for a ride..

animboo3243d ago

secondhand buy for me, modern warfare 2 that is..

Megaton3243d ago

Lotta tough talk in here, but I have my doubts that many of you will follow through. Nothing personal, but you're the same angry mob that tears GameStop a new one online, and then rushes out to get their preorder bonuses. Gotta follow through, and get your friends to do the same, or this could end up setting a very poor precedent for the industry, where we're the only ones who lose.

randomwiz3243d ago

They can charge a little more for Modern Warfare 2, because they know that they're not going to lose many sales just for making the price go up on a good game, but the thing I hate about game prices rising is that it makes consumers more selective of what they buy, and they won't buy many games, they'll just get the the really good ones.

Christopher3243d ago

Totally see supporting a great game, but to support it so much that they buy the very overpriced versions of the game with cheap pieces of plastic they'll never use? There's supporting the game and then there's supporting the publisher in their methods of hiking prices across the board.

na2ru13243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

that's as quality and content packful as GT5 with standard HD res, then may it be consider as reasonable. MW2 ha

So far, Polyphony Digital are the only ones who I would pay more than RRP £40 price.

IaMs123243d ago

I completely agree buying it used! Freaking Idiot and at a time like this too. We need to freaking boycott this game BIG time. Set up a roster and all and to spread the word out!

Also i just got thinking if everyone is buying it used, who is going to be left to turn it into a used product lol :)

Kaneda3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Uncharted 2 and MAG are my games this holidays! [email protected] MW2! they can keep their game!

How did this guy become a CEO? talks about ruining a business and brand name...

Greywulf3243d ago

Enjoy getting raped in the future.

Poopface the 2nd3243d ago

I have a feeling he might change his tune when Tony hawk sells like crap. Maybe alot of people will buy it, but for some reason I think it will be a flop(at least I hope).

Prototype3243d ago

I'm probabily gonna get massive hate for this.....

A lot of you people that keep complaining about how big of an a--hole he is, yet the majority are still gonna buy Modern Warfare 2 then argue later it was ok because the game is "too good to pass up" or some other line of bs.

It's like I mentioned before your either gonna support the game or not buy it, and I am gonna remember this post so the same people that argue how much they hate this yet buy the game I will call you out.

phosphor1123243d ago

I will say this again.

Boycotting his f*cking greedy ass.
Even the Blizzard games, cuz ya know, they are already f*cking those games up too.

RememberThe3573243d ago

There is a lot of economics around the price of games. If he were to raise prices sales would fall so dramatically it would either brake even, or actually lower revenue.

The fact is that on Activition's current path, the franchises they are relying on are going to get stale. C0ck-tick over here doesn't seem to know a damn thing about gamers, which his sad considering he seems to think he's running the industry.

I can't wait til he gets sh*tcanned.

ps3d03243d ago

Well I not real sure about something. What is the normal price of a game in euro ?

I know when 360/ps3 said they were goin t raise the price to $60 from the normal $50 you paid for ps2/xbox/pc game a lot of people were up set and said they never pay it but of course we all do. Pc owner were also throwing a fit about having to pay $60 for MW2 I just kind of laugh at them cause it what console owners pay.

GameGambits3243d ago

He's such a moron. Why would you raise the price that much in the region that gets shafted the MOST games wise on releases? I mean if the USA had to pay more for a copy of FF13 and then the UK had to pay even MORE for it do you think anyone would even give 2 sh*ts about your game? We'd all rent it and flip you the finger.(Yes I know Square makes Final Fantasy, but it's just an example with a much more popular world wide title)

Until the NEXT console generation starts I'm not paying a penny more for my games. When PS4 and Xbox720 and Nintendo Jiggleunit are out then I'll pay an extra 10, but otherwise this guy needs to get beat up.

If you see this guy in real life either beat him up or snipe him off a roof top. :)

gintoki7773243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

somebody just find a way to fire this guy.....

Eddie201013243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Activision and Bobby Kotick seem to be on a douche bag roll. First by trying to manipulate Sony into a price drop through the media, then trying to stop the release of Brutal Legend after dropping the game themselves, then raising the price of MW2 in the UK and Europe on top of over charging for there peripheral based games like DJ hero and Tony Hawk.

So now Boby Kotick says if it were up to him he would raise the price of games even further when it is difficult for most gamers to pay the $59.99 that most games cost now(even more in other country's).

Asking Sony to lower the price of the PS3 (something that is well worth its current price) when it already losing a lot of money and Activision going on to raise prices for there games and peripherals just seems a little hypocritical(A lot hypocritical).

We need to flood the forums, letting Activision know how we are not happy with what they are doing lately and speak with our wallets by not purchasing there products. EA learned a lesson and wasn't nearly as bad as Activision is being.

RayMustang3243d ago

He got some ballz, really
But come on his worst than Microsoft/Sony combine

I'll wont even buy the game when it hit the 30$ or ever below

End of this bullshit

ezcex3243d ago

He is learning quick from Microsoft.

Kassanova073243d ago

It's time for a boycott!!!

gaffyh3243d ago

Hey there is one good thing about this guy, like Jack Thompson, PS3 and 360 fanboys hate him equally

MmaFanQc3243d ago

more retarded than Kotick you would have to be watered.....


FamilyGuy3243d ago

What are the chances that he said that as sarcasm? I just can't believe such a mistake.

ape0073243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )


go stick a duel uzis right up your @SS b!tch

sorry for my language but come on man,I don't want to show my other side


he is antigamer

Redempteur3243d ago


you can raise the price on Modern warfare 2 . all you want at that time i'll be busy playing uncharted 2 ( offline and online ) a game i'll buy at a REASONABLE price

As for COD6 , if i find a used copy i'll think about it

jack_burt0n3243d ago

BOYCOTT activision seriously, its the hardcore gamer that will suffer the most, if game prices go the activision way its us that buy a game a month, not a game a year that will really be f***ed and the increase isn't based on value its based on GREED.

evrfighter3243d ago

see, my problem is I joined the l4d2 boycott and fully intend to follow through (that is unless l4d support and announcements for support are in full swing). However part of my plan on following through involved a certain fps to tide me over until bad company 2 was released...

and btw...Please don't post useless petition crap. I wanna see some real full blown boycotts. Organized by some real heavyweight gaming sites. All you diehards need to start gettin the typin to some respectable gaming sites and see what goes down. If nothing happens then nothing happens..At least you know you weren't one of those console idiots who love gettin raped by their gaming masters.

I would but I'm a pc gamer. I'm getting my copy for free and will be playing on garena until the prices come down some.

BattleAxe3243d ago

I you want to drive the sale of used games then do what Activision says and jack up the price of new games.

Also out of all the games that come out very few are "quality titles" and have certainly been way overpriced in my opinion.

FamilyGuy3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

If it was a joke then it was in very poor taste. What was he thinking really, joke or not? A very bad move

mebob3243d ago

OK guys, get your internetz started cause MW2 gonna set a new word record for most pirated game eva!!

I'm gonna dl and seed the living crap out of this.

Rusco873243d ago

and they want sony to lower the price of the playstion 3, i think Activision need the same treatment that Valve are receiving for Left for dead 2.

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A_Little_Girl3243d ago

and people will buy it just like they buy downloable contents on xbox live, consumer dont care

Double Toasted3243d ago

...and they have the option to not buy it. Is that not simple or obvious enough for you?

A_Little_Girl3243d ago

like i said "consumers dont care"

Cenobia3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

No, a_little_girl is right. To prevent this kind of attitude and price hikes in our games, all we'd have to do is wait a couple of weeks to buy the MW2. If they saw the reaction from consumers of a price hike for no other reason than 'the game is good' they'd stfu and we'd never hear their sh!t until the next gen when they raise it $10 anyway. The fact is that we should not buy it, but people are going to anyway.

If you pay extra money for this game, or support that practice, you are basically screaming for big business to stick it in you. People will start charging extra for sequels because they are "proven" and new IPs will have to lower their prices to compete. We would be actively killing creativity. That's a pretty extreme vision of the future, but it could happen if you allow stuff like this to pass. I just don't want to pay more if a company thinks their game is better. People would flock to more expensive games because they think that game is going to be awesome. At that point publishers would release crap games at inflated prices just to snag a few thousand idiot consumers. You know what you have then? Kane & Lynch for $90.

I won't be purchasing this game in the first few weeks, despite the fact that I live in the US. It is an easier decision for me because I can't play online, but I wouldn't put up with this sh!t regardless.

mastiffchild3243d ago

Kotick is a complete douche being so hypocritical over the PS3 price and then wanting to make Activision's games even dearer than the unfairr and unjustifiable UK only price hike-I can't believe the guy isn't in the crap wuth his company as he seems to want to make them hated.

Thing is not everyone, not even a quarter of gamers wil ever even know he's said this stuff. Most average UK gamers won't even know that they're paying more than the rest of the world. They may even just think that MW2 is the first game out at that price and that EVERY game will be doing it as well anyway. That's why Activision have repeatedly got away with fleecing the UK gamer. The full band GH WT package retailed at nearly double the US price in the UK and they justified it by saying the "tax structures are different" but that only added up to less than 25% of the increase(being a 5% duty and 17.5% VAT)-so they lie as well.

Our problem, and will be all our problem when they get away with the UK hike, is that most gamers are totally ignorant of the fatcs. Practically everyone who I showed the US prices for the GHST gand gundle in the US were dunbfounded-they had NO idea we UK gamers were being fleeced like this. I'll again make it my business to spread the holy word of Kotick to as many people as I can as I find his attitude beyond distasteful when the UK has suffered more than any other EU country in terms of job losses and economic slowdown this recession.

Whatever, I know they'll get away with it yet again but it really galls me.

Venomish3243d ago

I just canceled my Modern Warfare 2 pre-order
I am not gonna get ripped off, World at War is enough for me now,
and if I would ever want MW2 I would just buy it used. Not gonna support Activision anymore. greedy ****ers

himdeel3243d ago

...the money I was going to use on MW2 and get AC2 instead. I'll keep playing the FPS I have now. Guess Gamestop of Game Crazy is getting my money for a used copy of MW2 now.

Still not enough time to play the games I have now let alone anything new I'm purchasing this fall. I'm not broken up by this at all I'll still be gaming with or without MW2 :)

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Captain Tuttle3243d ago

Ultimately though you charge what the market will accept. That's all he was saying.

Nihilism3243d ago

and unless people take a stand stuff like this will keep happening, like some arrogant prick who said that the internet was "accidentally" made freely available to everyone, and that corporations would change things and have a subscription fee for every website in the way that magazines have subscriptions, eg subscription for N4G, youtube, myspace etc etc

the day they jack up the price of games and make subscription fee's for websites that are currently free is the day i quit the internet and gaming.........or just pirate like there's no tomorrow...and i buy EVERY single game retail now but there is a line and extortion is not acceptable

N4g_null3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Opps wrong post but you need to see both sides of the story. Either he has a game that is just that good or he is desperate and some thing has to give.

Remember he did pay out $500 million to sony...

Sarcasm3243d ago

"Any good business person would?"

Who are you? Bobby Kotick?

That's the lamest comment I've seen on here. *shakes head*

Captain Tuttle3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

You haven't been around here long then.

He was talking to INVESTORS who are concerned about PROFIT. He (and they) don't care about us gaming nerds on N4G and all of the faux outrage on the internet. MW2 will outsell every game this year and WoW will continue to print money, guaranteed. And Activision (and Kotick) will make a fortune and there's nothing you or I can do about it except maybe buy Activision stock (ticker symbol ATVI) and get in on a piece of the action.

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PirateThom3243d ago

Activision really do not get it do they?