Eurogamer : Shatter review

Oli Welsh from Eurogamer writes:

"Shatter - and this is something you don't often say of download games that cost less than a fiver - has an absolutely fantastic soundtrack.

For the new PSN game by GripShift creators Sidhe, Module (aka Jeremiah Ross, a New Zealand electronica artist) has put together 90 minutes of warm, fat, fuzzy bass grooves over steady disco beats and under tidal washes of space-age synth, cut through with heroic stadium-rock guitar and sprinkled in pure, unadulterated SID-chip stardust."

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Chris3993265d ago

"...Where other neon-edged arcade revivals try to bring the aesthetic of old videogames "up to date" with thumping psychedelic rave that barely scrapes its way into the 21st century, Sidhe and Module have come up with something that's simultaneously more nostalgic and more relevant - not to mention more human, prettier, and easier to listen to for long periods without having queasy flashbacks to lost weekends. Classy, relaxed and quietly immaculate, the Shatter soundtrack is a perfect piece of retro-futurism. And so is Shatter itself..."

If you like language that much, write a book. This isn't Macleans. I'm all for intelligent reviews, but when it comes to game reviews, just tell me how it plays and if it's worth my time/ money in plain English.

thereapersson3265d ago

What do you expect? It's Eurogamer; EDGE is the same way. They all try to outdo one another with a ton of unnecessary verbiage and pretense.

nycredude3265d ago

Although I never take their scores seriously, I rather like there reviews. At least they are well written and not like some grade schoool reviews that are 1 paragraphs long.

MadM20003265d ago

"...but it doesn't quite have the score-racking purity of purpose that makes a Geometry Wars, Pac-Man CE or Out Run Online Arcade so endlessly compelling."

Super Stardust HD???????????

OOPS! It's another PS3 EXCLUSIVE!


Wait for SHATTER version on the will get 10/10

callahan093265d ago

Yeah I don't honestly know how they can say that. How do they justify their claims that it lacks some kind of undefinable "score-racking purity of purpose?" How DOESN'T it have that same quality as those 360 games they mentioned? The text of this review is just as bloated and filled with crap as any other Eurogamer review I've read.